The water flowing out of your plumbing fixtures should be clear and free of contaminants, and it should have a neutral taste and smell. If the water coming into your home isn’t clear or if it has a funky taste or odor, you probably have water issues.

Common Home Water Issues

Here are seven common home water issues and how to manage them:

  1. Hard water comes from high levels of calcium and magnesium. It shows up as lime scale on the plumbing. You need to install a water softening appliance filled with a sodium solution that neutralizes the calcium and magnesium.
  2. Iron and manganese occur naturally in some groundwater, and they can lend a rusty appearance to water or leave rust stains behind. A water softener fitted with an iron remover can decrease the presence of both iron and manganese.
  3. Hydrogen sulfide will give water the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. To remove hydrogen sulfide, install a multi-stage system that chlorinates, filters sediment, aerates, and neutralizes the taste and smell.
  4. Bad taste and odor in the water comes from two sources: decaying organic matter or a leak from the sewer or septic system. Activated carbon filters can manage the decaying organic matter. You need a plumber to verify that it is not a leak in your sewage system.
  5. Sediment is usually fine particulates of scale, clay, sand, dirt, rust or organic material floating in the water. A sediment filter can capture most particulates. For fine sand, you need an agraclear filter.
  6. Bacterial contamination isn’t common in drinking water, but if it’s present, you need to do two things. Install a disinfectant system like chlorination to kill off the bacteria, then find the source of the contamination and eliminate it.
  7. Lead mainly occurs in older homes where lead solder was used to join copper pipes. Adding a filtration or reverse osmosis system will remove the lead from the water. Have a professional analyze the water and remove any lead solder or piping in your home.

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