Dry indoor air in the winter is not healthy for you or your home, but it’s easy to manage with a whole-house humidification system. The pitfalls of dry air include these four problems:

  • Poor health: The heating season coincides with the cold and flu season because some of these viruses thrive in a low humidity environment. Dry air can irritate your nose and throat, making it easier for the germs to lodge in your body and cause illness.
  • Comfort: Dry air promotes itchy, flaking or cracked skin. Your throat may feel sore, and air that’s overly dry can compound the discomfort associated with allergies.
  • Property damage: As your home dries out, the air seeks to equalize it self by removing the moisture from anything inside your home that contains it, including wood furniture, flooring, musical instruments or picture frames. Some cracks that form in wooden products may be permanent. Dry air also causes static electricity and if you discharge the electric buildup on electronics, you could permanently damage them.
  • Energy inefficiency: Dry air feels much cooler than air with humidity between 30 and 50 percent. Increasing the humidity makes you feel warmer because it slows the drying process of moisture from your skin.

Whole-house humidification systems attach to your home’s forced-air heating system and are controlled by a humidistat, which you can set to the level of humidity you want indoors. Compared to portable humidifiers, whole-house systems are much easier to operate, require far less maintenance and use less energy.

You may have to clean the whole-house system twice a year, compared to weekly cleaning that portable units require. There’s also no risk of tipping the humidifier over or having to store it during the summer. When the whole-house humidifier is installed, the contractor will run a water line to the system so it fills automatically and includes a drainpipe to siphon off the excess water.

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