Mirror installation may not seem difficult, but there are hidden complexities that, if not addressed, can cause damage to your mirror and injury to you. By hiring a professional, you’ll get a perfectly positioned, securely hung mirror instead of glass splinters in your carpet.

Benefits of Professional Mirror Installation

  1. Prevent installation damage – Moving a heavy, cumbersome object takes practice. A handyman experienced with mirror installation can do so without scratching the glass, chipping or breaking the frame or, worst of all, dropping the whole thing. If you’re hanging the mirror above furniture or a fireplace, professional installation minimizes the risk of a dropped mirror damaging items underneath it.
  2. Ensure secure mounting – Due to differences in wall material and mirror supports, hanging a mirror securely isn’t a straightforward job. For instance, incorrectly installed brackets can come loose from the wall. Even if the mirror look secure, a slammed door or a kid jumping on the sofa could bring it down. A professional knows which mirror installation techniques work best for different walls and mirrors.
  3. Get the best hanging technique – By hanging the mirror yourself, you may be tempted to opt for the simplest technique, which may not be the best. A professional has access to a variety of mounting materials, such as adhesives and L-channels, that are likely to be more secure and more attractive than common DIY options.
  4. Protect your safety – Why risk letting your home decorating project turn sour because you put your back out lifting a mirror, sliced your hand on the edge or dropped the thing on your foot? A professional has the tools and know-how necessary to handle a heavy mirror easily, so there’s little risk to your handyman and none to you.

Hiring an experienced local handyman is the most reliable way to get your mirror installed safely and attractively, especially if your mirror is an antique or has great sentimental value.

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Image via Shutterstock.com