Does your main water line need plumbing services in Cincinnati now or in the near future? Water supply lines in your home carry water under municipal pressure averaging around 50 pounds per square inch, 24/7/365. Depending on the age of the house, these pipes may be made of galvanized steel or some other material with a very finite lifespan. Once enough years have elapsed, problems begin to manifest—ranging from minor annoyances to major damage. Here are some signs that your pipes may need professional help from plumbing services in Cincinnati:

Low Water Pressure

If the faucets in your home no longer deliver a surging flow, if the shower doesn’t rinse well and toilet tanks are slow to refill, your household water pressure may be dropping. Mineral deposits slowly accumulating inside aging pipes strangle the flow. This problem always gets steadily worse as high mineral content in municipal water supplies is an ongoing fact of life in many communities. The definitive solution is replacing outdated steel water supply lines with more long-lasting copper or PEX that resist mineral accumulation much longer.

Changes In Appearance

If your household water supply isn’t as clean and sparkling as it used to be, the problem may be inside your water supply lines. Corrosion inside pipes can discolor water with a rusty tinge that usually doesn’t pose any health concern but definitely makes a glass or bathtub full appear less aesthetic. Re-piping with new corrosion resistant materials like copper is the only way to resolve the problem.

Signs Of Leakage

From tiny pinholes to oozing joints, any leaks should be considered a red flag of a pipe rupture waiting to happen. Potentially hundreds of gallons of water under municipal pressure could potentially swamp your home and inflict expensive water damage. Rusting and corrosion hidden inside the pipes steadily worsens, often with few or only minor external signs. Inspection by a professional and, if needed, replacement of supply pipes before a damaging rupture occurs is the recommended course.

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