How can you tell you may need electrical services in Cincinnati? Electrical work is, for the most part, not a do-it-yourself project. That’s why most building codes require a professional electrician for most electrical repairs and upgrades except the very simplest and minor. Electricity can be hazardous to work with and also present dangers later on, such as fire, if the job’s not done by a qualified pro. Your house may be letting you know that you need electrical services in Cincinnati if you see these kinds of warning signs:

Circuit Breaker Trips

A tripped circuit breaker is telling you something. It may be as simple as too many devices connected to a particular circuit, or something more urgent like deteriorated wiring that’s short-circuiting or an aging power panel that can’t handle household demand anymore. Whatever the case, the message should not be ignored. If you have to reset a circuit breaker more than once or if several trip at the same time, consult a qualified electrician now.

Flickering Or Dimming Lights

When some heavy-duty household appliance that draws a large amount of current switches on, lights connected to that same circuit may dim or flicker. This is a sign of overloading on the circuit and should not be accepted as “normal.” Any device that draws large amperage should have its own independent circuit and not share with other parts of the house. Another possible cause of overloading is that the appliance itself is defective and needs to be repaired or replaced.  A professional electrician can add additional circuits to handle high-demand devices as well as identify any that are defective.

Warm Components

All parts of a household electrical system should be room temperature. If you notice that switch plates or wall outlets feel noticeably warm to the touch, that’s a red flag to call an electrician. Similarly, if any parts of your electrical system — or any devices connected to it — give you a shock when touched, no matter how minor, you need professional electrical services now.

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