Does your home need a plumbing upgrade? What goes on inside household plumbing is often a mystery to homeowners. Most of it’s installed out of sight and, unless or until something like a pipe rupture or drain clog occurs, few people give it much thought. However, as the rest of your home is aging, so’s your plumbing. Most pipes installed 20 years or more ago have a finite lifespan and those houses will eventually require a plumbing upgrade. Here are three signs that time has come:

Low Water Pressure

A gradual decline of indoor water pressure that can’t be explained by other causes is often the result of mineral deposits accumulating inside water supply lines. Most regions of the U.S. have municipal water that is “hard” to some extent. Minerals like calcium carbonate gradually accrete inside pipes, narrowing them insidiously until water pressure is noticeably reduced. Re-piping water supply lines is the only remedy to restore normal water pressure.

Small Leaks — That May Become Big

Tiny, inconspicuous pinhole leaks in water supply lines are often only the external evidence of severe internal pipe corrosion that could result in a total pipe rupture at any time, causing extensive water damage to your home. This also goes for seepage around pipe joints and other components in the plumbing system. If your home has galvanized steel water supply lines, commonly installed as late as the 1970s, a plumbing upgrade including repiping with copper or PVC should be a priority.

Sewer Issues

The sewer line running beneath your front yard is a critical part of household plumbing. Sewer pipes in the past were frequently made of clay or cast iron. Both types are susceptible to gradual infiltration by tree roots that eventually cause clogs and trigger damaging sewage backups. They’re also likely to deteriorate and collapse over time. Upgrading to seamless PVC pipe that doesn’t permit tree root intrusion and lasts indefinitely can be done today without excavating your yard.

If you’re seeing signs that you’re due for a plumbing upgrade, contact the professionals at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing.