Saving money on your heating bills can be done with little time and effort.  The payoff can be substantial!

Follow these easy tips to save on heating costs and watch your energy bill drop as quickly as the temperature!

  1.    Set your thermostat to between 65 and 70 degrees during the day (60 degrees if you aren’t home during the day) and drop to 60 degrees at night. Using a programmable thermostat makes it much easier to regulate the temperature during different times of the day.   See “Setting Thermostats to Reduce Energy Bills.”
  2. Use nature to help heat your home – open the shades on sunny days to let the sunlight warm things up!
  3. Make sure no heat-generating appliances are near your thermostat, including lamps, televisions, and stereo and computer equipment. These appliances can affect the setting of your thermostat and the efficiency of your heating system.
  4. Keep unoccupied rooms closed off – closing vents in these areas.
  5. Keep closet and cabinet doors closed to ensure the warm air stays in your living space.
  6. Have your furnace inspected annually.  A well-tuned system runs more efficiently and cost effectively.  See “Tune Up Your HVAC System to Save Money to learn more”
  7. Use a ceiling fan set on reverse at the lowest speed to push the warm air back down into the room.
  8. Regularly replace or clean furnace filters to ensure your system is runnning as efficiently as possible.  See “Furnace Filters:  Is it Time to Change Yours?
  9. Insulate your ducts work and make sure the joints in them are properly sealed.
  10. Insulate your hot water heater.
  11. Don’t use kitchen and bath venting systems for very long on cold days – they pull the warm air out of the house.
  12. Keep vents and baseboard units clear of draperies and furniture to allow unobstructed air flow.
  13. Keep your house air tight – check with a professional contractor to learn the safest and most effective ways to seal gaps in windows, doors, foundation cracks and other possible areas that air leakage is occurring.  See “Is Air Leaking into your House?
  14. Use insulated drapes that have rubber backing to keep the cold air out.
  15. Leave your oven open after use to heat the kitchen.

The more steps you take to heat your home as efficiently as possible, the more money you will save – and it will add up quickly!  Let us know about the changes you make and how much you are saving each month!