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5 Tips for Choosing a Low-Flow Toilet for Your Remodeled Bathroom

saving water, low-flow toilet, Cincinnati, OhioA great addition to any bathroom remodeling project is a low-flow toilet. (more…)

Considering a Switch to Tankless Water Heating? First Understand How It Works

tankless water heater, Cincinnati, OhioA tankless water heater, also known as an on-demand unit, provides hot water the instant you want or need it. How is this different from a conventional tank heater? (more…)

Develop a Water-Saving Strategy: Start With the EPA’s WaterSense Program

develop a water-saving strategy, Cincinnati, OhioThe U.S. EPA has put together an online tool that helps homeowners develop a water-saving strategy.  (more…)

Energy Audits, Whether DIY or Professional, Provide Answers to Inefficiency

home energy audit, Cincinnati, OhioDo you use energy-efficient lighting and keep a close eye on heating, cooling and hot water usage, but you’re still puzzled by sky-high energy bills?

The solution to your energy flux, and that of many other Cincinnati area homeowners, is a comprehensive energy audit. (more…)

Water Heater Replacement: An Inevitable Decision for Cincinnati Homeowners

water heater replacement, Cincinnati, OhioSooner or later it’s going to happen. That old water heater is going to give out. When it does, you may not have time to shop around for a new unit. Water heater replacement is something that needs to be done quickly since water heaters are vital to the smooth operation of a home. (more…)

Tankless Water Heater 101: 6 Tips for Optimal Performance

tankless water heater, Cincinnati, OhioHeating water for bathing, cooking and washing clothes using a traditional water heater makes up around 12 percent of the average homeowner’s utility budget, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. (more…)

Use a Gas Furnace? Understand Terms on Your Heating Bill for Added Savings

gas furnace-heating bill, Cincinnati, OhioIf you’re looking for ways to save money when using your gas furnace, look no further than your own heating bills. (more…)

What’s Better Than The Energy Star Logo? The Energy Star Most Efficient Label

energy star logo, Cincinnati, OhioYou’ve probably looked for the Energy Star logo when you’ve been shopping for energy-efficient appliances and home heating and cooling systems. The logo has always represented value to the consumer. (more…)

Your Water Heater: How A Few Minutes Of Attention Can Extend Its Life

your water heater, regular maintenance, Cincinnati, OhioWhenever it happens, a water heater never conks out at an opportune time. Most likely, you find that you don’t have any hot water when you’re taking a shower, or you go to the basement to do the laundry and you discover a pool of water. Then you have to call the plumber and get a new tank. (more…)

Replacing Your Water Heater: 5 Tips For Comparison Shopping

replacing your water heater, Cincinnati, OhioOf all the appliances in your home, your water heater is the one you probably take for granted most of all – until you turn up the hot water in the shower and get drenched with ice cold water instead. (more…)