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Don’t Suffer Upstairs — How to Keep It Cool on the Second Floor of Your Cincy Home

keep upstairs cool, Cincinnati, OhioDuring Cincinnati’s hot summer months, many homeowners find comfort running their air conditioning. Even with the A/C going, those with second floors often find it difficult to keep upstairs cool, no matter how hot it is outside.  (more…)

Keep Your Heat Pump A/C On Top of the Cincinnati Heat With Regular Maintenance

heat pump a/c-energy efficiency, Cincinnati, OhioYour heat pump A/C works hard all summer keeping you comfortably cool, and staying on top of its maintenance will help it run better and use less electricity. (more…)

High Efficiency A/C: How to Maintain Peak Performance

high efficiency a/c, Cincinnati, OhioThe hot and humid summers in Cincinnati are more bearable when your home is equipped with a high efficiency A/C system. To ensure that your home stays cool and comfy all summer long, you need your cooling system running at its peak level.


The R-22 Refrigerant Phaseout Is Happening — What This Means for You

r-22 refrigerant phaseout, Cincinnati, OhioMost air conditioning units have been manufactured to use R-22 refrigerant, more commonly known as refrigerant fluid. However in recent years, environmental concerns and regulations by the EPA have resulted in the R-22 refrigerant phaseout. (more…)

Look for a Thermostatic Expansion Valve When Upgrading Your Home’s A/C

thermostatic expansion valve, Cincinnati, OhioIf you’re looking to replace your A/C, keep in mind that it uses a substantial portion of home energy costs. Units with a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV or TEV) perform better in a variety of weather. (more…)

Don’t Be Confused by the A/C Capacity Measured in Tons — Here’s an Explanation

a/c capacity, Cincinnati, OhioIf you’re confused by the way A/C capacity is measured, you’re not alone. Though a system’s capacity is measured in tons, this isn’t a reference to the weight of your HVAC system. (more…)

Is Your Outdoor A/C Unit Making Odd Noises? What They Might Mean

air conditioner noises, Cincinnati, OhioNoises coming from your outdoor A/C unit could mean a simple service call for an adjustment or it could also mean it’s time to replace the compressor.  (more…)

The Most Common A/C Problems You May See This Cooling Season

common a/c problems, Cincinnati, OhioThe long, hot Cincinnati summers can take a toll on your cooling system. If you haven’t already scheduled your A/C preventive maintenance, it’s not too late. An annual tune-up will go a long way toward lowering your cooling costs, extending the life of your system and preventing these common A/C problems. (more…)

A/C Replacement: Installation and Unit Location Makes a Difference

a/c replacementIf an A/C replacement is in your near future, you’ll want to learn why the location and installation of the air conditioner will greatly affect its future performance. (more…)

Best Practices For Optimal Heat Pump Performance — Through The End Of Summer

heat pump performance, Cincinnati, OhioToday, heat pump performance is better than ever. The technology has advanced significantly over the past decade, and reliability and user satisfaction are high. (more…)