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Just How Much is Your Old Water Heater Costing You?

With the new standards of energy efficiency in water heaters these days, you may actually not be saving money by waiting to replace your old water heater. Old water heaters are much less energy efficient, both because they are aging and because standards were lower back then, which could mean more money you’re paying each month in energy costs compared to a newer heater.

old water heaterIt’s generally accepted that most water heaters last an average of about 13 years. If yours is anywhere close to that, it probably uses a lot more energy than modern water heaters. Ten years ago, hot water accounted for about a quarter of the typical home’s energy use; today, with more efficient heaters, it’s only about 18 percent. Therefore, anyone with a water heater that is seven or more years old will probably save money in the long run by replacing the water heater with a newer, more efficient model.

If getting a new water heater isn’t an option for you, there are other ways to make your old one more efficient and save you a little money on heating costs. Here are a few more ways you can enjoy water heating savings.

  • Have heat traps installed. If it doesn’t already have them, heat traps on your tank could reduce your bill by as much as $15 to $30.
  • Invest in low-flow faucets and shower heads. Anything pre-1992 lets too much water through. By having new low-flow faucets installed, you could actually save up to 60% on your water bill, in addition to the energy savings associated with using less hot water.
  • Insulate, insulate, insulate. Having everything insulated, from the hot water tank itself to the pipes that carry the hot water out of the heater, can help cut costs by preserving the heat in both the tank and the pipes.

Do you want to save money and feel good about helping the environment at the same time? Contact Cincinnati-based Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information about how replacing your water heater can help you cut energy costs.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Home’s Plumbing System Flowing Freely

Annual plumbing preventative maintenance is far more cost-effective than searching for emergency service when a plumbing crisis occurs. Though most of your home’s plumbing is out of sight, it has a way of letting you know when it’s been neglected. The minor annoyances of a clogged drain, low water pressure and noisy pipes are nothing compared to calamities like a water supply line rupture or a toxic sewage backup. More than simply inconvenient, these occasions can be major expenses as well.


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Plumbing Myths Cincinnati Homeowners Shouldn’t Fall For

plumbing mythsPlumbing myths are the stuff of good story-telling but they can cost you money, too, if you believe them. Every technology has its fables and folk tales—like the old wives’ tale that dirty cars get better gas mileage than clean cars. The truth is, there’s not much about household plumbing that isn’t scientifically established by now and, while plumbing techniques and materials are constantly evolving, the basic principles are well-established. Take any tall tales you may hear with a grain of salt, but particularly watch out for these plumbing myths. (more…)

Maximize Home Heating and Reduce Costs With These Tips

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5 Tips for Cincinnati Homeowners Shopping for Appliance Upgrades and Installation

Shopping for Appliance Upgrades and InstallationSince home appliances typically carry a hefty price tag, relying on local experts can help you through the selection and appliance installation process. Their expertise will save you time, increase satisfaction and help make educated decisions.  (more…)

Storage Tank Water Heater: The Best Option for Many Cincinnati Homes

storage tank water heaterToday, a large majority of homes feature a storage tank water heater. Although a lot of interest has been shown in modern tankless heaters, storage tank water heaters are really convenient and nice to have during power outages. Take a look at some more advantages of using a storage tank water heater versus a tankless water heater and you’ll see that choosing a storage tank heater may be the best option for your Cincinnati home. Not only are they more affordable up front, but most standard gas piping and electrical wiring are more than adequate for initial installation when properly sized.

So why is a storage tank water heater an appealing option for your Bayshore home? Because storage tank water heaters:

  • Eliminate the need for a high output electrical flow: The nice part of utilizing a storage tank heater is that you won’t have to worry about installing costly wiring or a very large gas burner to heat the water.
  • Are now more energy efficient: Over recent years, storage water heaters have become much more energy efficient and have better designed flue dampers to lessen the amount of heat loss via a flue vent. A storage tank heater must maintain hot water even when its not being used and the water inside an energy efficient insulated storage tank ensures that any water drawn off the top will always be at its hottest capacity.
  • Can easily find repair expertise: Since most homes use storage tank water heaters, you’ll find more resources available to maintain and service your home heating needs.
  • Allow “off-peak” electricity to be used: This allows you to lower your electric rates and save money.  This means that your water is heated during off-peak hours where the demand for electric is less through your power company.
  • Can be used with any power source: Tank heaters can be powered by electricity, fuel or oil, providing a convenient option over tankless, which has to be powered by specified electric voltages or required gas pressures.

For more expert information on storage tank water heating or to obtain a quote for installation contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.  We’ve been serving the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area for generations.

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