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How Cincinnati Homeowners Can Prepare Their Home Water Heater for Winter

prepare your water heater Taking the time to prepare a water heater for winter can save you money and prevent daily hassles with your hot water tap. The cold Cincinnati winters make it harder for your water heater to do its job. If you don’t help it out a little, it will use more energy than necessary trying to keep your water hot and it may not provide enough hot water at all. (more…)

Does Your Cincinnati Need Attic Insulation Help? Call a Trusty Handyman

attic insulationIncreasing the amount of insulation in the attic is an effective way to boost home comfort and energy savings year round. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) advises that homes in the Cincinnati area should have a minimum of R-49 installed on the attic floor. To reap the full benefit of adding more attic insulation, it’s essential that the job is done correctly. (more…)

Pick Out the Right Thermostat Upgrade for Your Needs and Have a Handyman Install It

thermostat upgradeIf you’re like most people, you grew up in a home with a manual thermostat that controlled temperatures during both the heating and cooling seasons. Most people tend to take their manual thermostat for granted – fully heating and cooling their home even when nobody’s home. That’s why you can likely reap big savings with a thermostat upgrade to a programmable model. (more…)

5 Advantages of Gutter Guard Installation for Your Cincinnati Home

5 Advantages of Gutter Guard Installation for Your Cincinnati HomeKeeping rain gutters running free without a gutter guard installation usually involves one of two things: a dangerous DIY experience on a high ladder and a slick wet roof, or the considerable expense to pay somebody else to do it. Clogged rain gutters can be a year-round nuisance—from routine leaves and debris or nesting birds and rodents to frozen standing water in winter.  (more…)

In the Market for Fence Installation? 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Fencing for Your Needs

fence installationA fence is just a fence, or is it? When selecting a fence for your home, consider what function you need a fence to perform and how it will work with your home and neighborhood. Make these decisions before scheduling your fence installation. (more…)

4 Common A/C Issues That May Be Plaguing Your Home

common A/C issuesAir conditioners tend to be reliable systems if they’re installed correctly, and, often, most problems are related to routine maintenance issues. If the A/C in your Cincinnati area home has stopped working, check for theses common A/C issues before calling a professional and you may be able to save the cost of a service call: (more…)

How Weatherstripping and a Handyman Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

weatherstrippingDo you think that weatherstripping is something you only need to worry about in the winter time? The same gaps that allow cold air in during the winters can allow hot air in during the summer. If you want to lower energy bills year round, you need to have it installed. (more…)

Adding Insulation to Your Home Can Help You Stay Cooler This Summer

adding insulationAdding insulation isn’t something that should be left for your winterization to-do list. In addition to keeping you warm in winter, the right level of attic insulation keeps the Southwest Ohio summer heat from seeping into your air-conditioned living space. More insulation could cut your air conditioning bills by up to 15 percent.

Check Your Attic Insulation

If you’ve already got three or four inches of insulation, you’ll want to insulate to between R38 to R49 level. How deep your insulation should be to achieve these R levels depends on the insulation type. For R38 level, appropriate depths are:

  • Fiberglass batts: 12 inches
  • Loose-fill fiberglass: 14 to 17 inches
  • Loose-fill cellulose: 10 to 12 inches

Check the depth in different parts of your attic. You may find there’s plenty of insulation around the access door, but not enough toward the edges or in the middle of the attic. Also check for deteriorated insulation. This no longer forms an effective heat barrier and should be replaced.

Your Options for Better Insulation

If your current levels suggest the need to add insulation, you have two main options.

  • Batt insulation – These long sheets of insulation are available in fiberglass, cellulose and some more eco-friendly materials such as cotton from recycled jeans. If not carefully installed, batts may fail to fill in small crevices, leaving room for heat to escape.
  • Loose-fill (blown-in) insulation – This comes as small chunks of material, usually fiberglass or cellulose. These small pieces more effectively fill in corners and crevices. Loose-fill insulation requires a blowing machine for installation, but can be added over batts.

Installation Quality Matters

The effectiveness of your home’s insulation depends on proper installation. A professional can help you decide which insulation best meets your needs and determine the ideal amount. A pro can also do the tricky job of adding insulation to fill in crevices sufficiently without blocking the critical sources of ventilation that protect your attic from mold and heat damage.

For an accurate assessment of your attic’s insulation levels and a reliable, professional installation job, consult with us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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5 Reasons to Have a Handyman Install LED Motion Sensor Lights at Your Cincy Home

led motion sensor lightsHomeowners utilize handyman services to install motion sensor lights. These LED arrays illuminate outdoor areas efficiently and only when light is actually required. Ever-increasing electricity rates make leaving manually-switched lights on for hours prohibitive. Moreover, flooding the yard, garage, driveway or patio with continuous light usually isn’t necessary for adequate security. Infrared motion sensor lights detect the motion of humans and automatically energize LED arrays that produce bright, white light, particularly suitable for thoroughly illuminating dark outdoor areas. (more…)

What to Expect From the Handyman Converting Your Tub to a Walk-in Shower

Converting a tub to a walk-in shower in your Cincinnati area home can provide a fresh look to a stale bathroom. Getting a handyman service to do it makes sense. You’ll save time and avoid the lengthy inconvenience of a non-functioning bathroom. You’ll also gain resale value and a sense of pride in your renovated space. 

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