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Let a Pro Tackle Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Before the Heat Hits

How long is it going to be before the highs start hitting the 80s or 90s? You know it won’t be too long with the hot Jacksonville summer arriving soon. To ensure your A/C can keep your home cool this summer, schedule air conditioner preventative maintenance now before the heat hits. With a maintenance plan, you and your home’s HVAC system are taken care of.


Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your HVAC System Makes a Real Difference

Air filters are an essential part of the HVAC system. Not only do they keep dirt and other harmful contaminants away from HVAC components where they can cause damage, but they also remove those contaminants from the air you breathe.

But what kind of air filter should you use in your home? Which one will most effectively raise your indoor air quality?


Are You Insisting on a NATE Certified Technician? Here’s Why Your Neighbors Are

nate certified technicianNorth American Technician Excellence, Inc. is the leading certification program in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The NATE certification test is the only one of its kind that is truly considered the gold standard.  (more…)

What You Can Expect From a Professional Furnace Inspection

furnace evaluation, Cincinnati, OhioAutumn weather has descended upon the greater Cincinnati area, and a furnace evaluation should be at the top of your fall home maintenance checklist. (more…)

Ductwork Issues Can Impact Comfort and Energy Efficiency — Common Airflow Obstructions

ductwork obstructions, Cincinnati, OhioObstructions in the air ducts are common issues homeowners can face, which can result in poor efficiency, unhealthy indoor air quality and a higher energy bill each month. (more…)

Prepare Your Greater Cincinnati Home for Winter With These Fall Maintenance To-Dos

fall maintenance-Cincinnati, OhioIf you aren’t taking the opportunity to perform routine fall maintenance on your home, you’re missing out on a chance to save a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bill. (more…)

9 Tips for Cincinnati Homeowners Hiring an HVAC Professional

hiring an hvac professional, Cincinnati, OhioHiring an HVAC professional to do work in your greater Cincinnati area home is serious business. (more…)

You’re Almost Done With A/C Season — How to Care For the A/C at Summer’s End

a/c maintenance, Cincinnati, OhioJust like pulling out winter clothes or winterizing your car, homeowners should take care of the home air conditioner as summer ends and winter looms. Here are four important steps in your end-of-summer A/C maintenance to prepare it for winter. (more…)

Sealing Air Leaks In Your Home Can Have a Real Impact on Energy Consumption

seal air leaks, Cincinnati, OhioAs the year progresses, you may be wondering how to minimize energy consumption in your home. (more…)

Is Your Outdoor A/C Unit Making Odd Noises? What They Might Mean

air conditioner noises, Cincinnati, OhioNoises coming from your outdoor A/C unit could mean a simple service call for an adjustment or it could also mean it’s time to replace the compressor.  (more…)