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Solving Your Basement Moisture Issues: a DIY Action Plan

basement moisture issuesNo season is particularly arid here in the greater Cincinnati region, with 42 inches of precipitation in an average year, all spread out pretty evenly across each month. That said, with all but a couple of inches of our snowfall falling between December and March, these months may bring the biggest worries where basement moisture issues are concerned. Instating a DIY action plan before things get out of hand is highly recommended. (more…)

Thinking About a Whole-House Humidifier? How to Go About the Search

When it gets cold and dry during a Cincinnati winter, a whole-house humidifier can help keep your home comfortable and your family healthy. It does this by hooking directly to your furnace to evenly distribute moisture throughout your entire home. As you search for one that best suits your family, keep these tips in mind. whole-house humidifier (more…)

Heat Pump Pros and Cons to Help With the Upgrade Decision

heat pumps, Cincinnati, OhioHaving a heat pump is a great way to bring comfort to your home year-round. (more…)

Allergy-Proof Your Cincinnati Home With These Room by Room Tips

blowing dust-allergy-proof your home-Cincinnati, OhioIf you’re one of the 30 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, you can allergy-proof your home to find some relief from the miserable symptoms caused by the varieties of pollen that proliferate throughout Cincinnati in the fall. (more…)

You’re Almost Done With A/C Season — How to Care For the A/C at Summer’s End

a/c maintenance, Cincinnati, OhioJust like pulling out winter clothes or winterizing your car, homeowners should take care of the home air conditioner as summer ends and winter looms. Here are four important steps in your end-of-summer A/C maintenance to prepare it for winter. (more…)

Duct Sealing Will Keep Your Home’s Cool Air Flowing All Summer Long

duct sealing-air duct-Cincinnati, OhioLeaky ductwork and air leaks in your home can make the hot and sticky Cincinnati summer worse by causing discomfort throughout your home and increasing the amount of energy used trying to cool your home. (more…)

Install a Dehumidifier to Help Take the Sweat Out of the Heavy Summer

hygrometer-install a dehumidifier-Cincinnati, OhioFor anyone living in the greater Cincinnati area, summers can be long, hot and very humid. (more…)

The Most Common A/C Problems You May See This Cooling Season

common a/c problems, Cincinnati, OhioThe long, hot Cincinnati summers can take a toll on your cooling system. If you haven’t already scheduled your A/C preventive maintenance, it’s not too late. An annual tune-up will go a long way toward lowering your cooling costs, extending the life of your system and preventing these common A/C problems. (more…)

Considering a Dehumidifier? Whether to Go Whole-House or Portable

dehumidifier, Cincinnati, OhioDehumidifiers are a good solution for the problems many Ohio homeowners face during humid summer weather. Keeping indoor humidity levels under control is important for your home’s air quality and comfort. (more…)

High Humidity, Mold Growth and Moisture Damage Go Hand in Hand

mold growth, Cincinnati, OhioIt’s a combination you want to avoid: moisture and humidity. Together, they can breed mold growth that can trigger allergic reactions and also cause extensive damage to your home. (more…)