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The Importance of a Balanced System

If your heat pump freezes over, it’s telling you something important. While light frosting may come and go on an outdoor coil in winter, thick ice formation on an indoor or outdoor heat pump coil is never normal in any season. Usually, it’s a symptom of imbalance somewhere in the system. Heat pump energy efficiency and performance are severely diminished by coil icing. In extreme cases, the unit may shut down entirely. Here are typical reasons a heat pump freezes over, and what you can do about it.

Insufficient Airflow

A heat pump unit Source: Shutterstock

A heat pump unit
Source: Shutterstock

The temperature of a heat pump indoor coil in cooling mode normally remains above 40

degrees Fahrenheit. If system airflow drops below specifications, however, heat transfer declines and coil refrigerant temperature plunges. Condensation on the coil freezes, initiating the cycle of ice accumulation. Common reasons for low airflow include:

  • Dirty air filter. A clogged filter reduces air volume through the coil, potentially causing icing. Changing the air filter is a simple DIY task—a qualified HVAC service tech can show you how if you don’t know—and should ideally be performed monthly.
  • Closed or obstructed vents. Balanced system airflow depends on open supply and return vents in individual rooms. If one or more vents are manually shut or blocked by furniture, drapes or other obstructions, airflow through the coil may be insufficient to prevent icing. Keep all vents clear and don’t close vents in unoccupied rooms.

Low Refrigerant

Proper refrigerant charge is a critical balance. As refrigerant pressure declines below specifications, refrigerant temperature drops, too. Coil icing soon follows. Low refrigerant charge is usually caused by leakage. A qualified HVAC service technician has the equipment and expertise to pinpoint and repair refrigerant leaks, then restore the refrigerant charge to manufacturer’s specifications.

Defective Defroster

If light winter frosting on an outdoor coil accumulates into a layer of thick ice, the heat pump’s automatic defroster may have failed. Professional troubleshooting is required to isolate the problem, replace defective components and verify proper repair.

For qualified service if your heat pump freezes over, in the greater Cincinnati area, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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Ductless Mini Split Installation: Not for Amateurs, but You Can Do Some Pre-Installation Work Yourself

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Ductless mini splits are essentially heat pumps that warm or cool your home by quietly blowing the conditioned or heated air directly into a room. Mini splits are the perfect solution for retrofitting a historic home without the cost and hassle of installing intrusive ductwork. In fact, many new homes are being built with ductless technology, thanks to the energy efficiency, convenience and savings associated with it.

What Does Installing a Ductless Mini Split Entail?

Fully installing a mini split system requires specific tools and knowledge that are nearly impossible for a layperson to acquire. In addition, in most areas, one must be certified to work with the gas, refrigerant and electrical connections needed to complete installation.

It is possible, though, to do some pre-installation work on your own before your trusted contractor finishes the job. Homeowners with some construction experience and basic tools should be able to:

  • Drill the three-inch hole in the wall where the unit will be placed
  • Run the copper tubing and connections outside
  • Hang or install the indoor air handling unit
  • Unpack the compressor from the box
  • Prepare a concrete pad or other flat surface
  • Place the outdoor compressor unit on the flat surface

To ensure proper installation, leave at least the following jobs for a professional contractor:

  • Setting gauges
  • Completing the couplings
  • Vacuuming the lines
  • Testing for leaks in the tubing
  • Releasing the refrigerant

To learn more about ductless mini splits, how they’re installed and how they can fulfill your home comfort needs, please contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Our team of HVAC pros has been serving the greater Cincinnati area for over 100 years.

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