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What’s the Difference Between Grout and Caulk?

caulkGrout and caulk are both essential substances in home improvement and renovation. It may seem like they perform the same functions because they are both adhesive, but there are actually a few major differences between grout and caulk in terms of how they are contained, the preparation required for use, and the problems that they each remedy.

Common Drywall Mistakes That Can Be Remedied With the Help of a Pro Handyman

Drywall not only helps frame a room, but it also provides a blank canvas for the homeowner. Done correctly, the end result is a seamless finish that becomes one with the rest of the home. There are, however, some common drywall mistakes that can leave you less than satisfied with the results, unless the drywall is installed by a seasoned professional.

4 Reasons to Opt for Professional Mirror Installation

mirror installationMirror installation may not seem difficult, but there are hidden complexities that, if not addressed, can cause damage to your mirror and injury to you. By hiring a professional, you’ll get a perfectly positioned, securely hung mirror instead of glass splinters in your carpet.

Avoid Painting Touch-Up Problems by Hiring a Professional Handyman to Do the Job

painting touch-up problemsTouching up the paint throughout your home is such a simple task, right? You might be under the impression that nothing could possibly go wrong, but there are a lot of factors that impact the quality of a paint job. These common painting touch-up problems are reason enough to call a professional handyman.

Common Gutter Issues to Leave to Your Trusted Handyman

common gutter issuesComing out of a long, hard winter, you and your Cincinnati area home may be feeling worse for wear. One area deserving of close attention is the gutter system around your home. There’s more at stake than simply your home’s exterior. (more…)

Power Washing Your Cincy Home Can Improve Curb Appeal and Prevent Issues

Power Washing Your Cincy Home Can Improve Curb Appeal and Prevent IssuesOver time, the exterior of your home will inevitably collect dirt, stains, grime and perhaps even mold and mildew. This can degrade your home’s visual appeal and create an unhealthy environment. But just thinking about cleaning up such a mess can be exhausting. That’s where a power washer comes in. By power washing your home, you can remove the dirt and grime more effectively and in much less time than scrubbing. Even better, you can hire a trusted handyman to do the job for you. Find out what to expect, and how power washing your home can really improve curb appeal. (more…)

Looking to Install a Mantel to Your Fireplace? Several Options to Consider

install a mantelThere can be more to your fireplace mantel than just a spot to place family photos and souvenirs. With the large variety of mantel types available, there’s no need to stick with the standard brick mantel. Yours can match your home’s interior design style and become an interesting focal point in and of itself. But before you hire a handyman to install a mantel, learn about the different materials and designs to choose from, as well as how the different options can add to your home’s esthetic appeal. Find the right style for your home, and your family will have even more reason to gather around the fire. (more…)

Spring is Here — Mark Deck Maintenance and Repair Off Your List

Deck Maintenance and RepairWith springtime in the air, thoughts turn to that trusty back deck that’s served so well for so many years. Barbecues, parties or simply relaxing on a lounge chair, favorite drink in hand—it all happens on that deck. But is your deck ready for all that action? If one of your spring to-do items is deck maintenance and repair, consider leaving that to a reliable handyman.  (more…)