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Think You Need a Furnace Replacement? 8 Giveaway Signs

furnace replacementNo one wants to deal with furnace replacement. In many cases, it comes as an unexpected event, but it doesn’t have to. There are ways to anticipate furnace failure ahead of time and actually plan for any problems. (more…)

Duct Sealing Will Keep Your Home’s Cool Air Flowing All Summer Long

duct sealing-air duct-Cincinnati, OhioLeaky ductwork and air leaks in your home can make the hot and sticky Cincinnati summer worse by causing discomfort throughout your home and increasing the amount of energy used trying to cool your home. (more…)

Drain Water Heat Recovery: Getting the Most Out of Every Drop of Hot Water

drain water heat recovery, Cincinnati, OhioIn all households, warm water is used and essentially thrown away instantaneously, sending the energy it took to warm the water down the drain as well. A drain water heat recovery system stores the heat from warm or hot water going down the drain and uses it to preheat new warm water coming out of the faucet. (more…)

Programmable Thermostats, When Used Correctly, Can Maximize Energy Savings

programmable thermostats, Cincinnati, OhioWhen was the last time you intentionally left your TV on when you left home for the day? And think about the last time you turned on every light in your home before you went to bed. Crazy, you say. Who would waste energy like that? (more…)

Attic Insulation Is Just As Important in the Summertime Heat — Here’s Why

attic insulation, Cincinnati, OhioInsulation is an important factor in controlling cooling costs when the mercury is rising. Out of sight and out of mind, attic insulation may not seem significant, but a lack of it can cause a dramatic increase in your power bill. (more…)

New Thermostat Ahead? Compare Manual and Programmable Models

new thermostat, Cincinnati, OhioAdding a new thermostat to your home can help you maximize the high efficiency rating of your heating or cooling system while also lowering your energy bills. (more…)

Before Bills Rise, Consider Your Home Energy Upgrade Options

home energy upgrade, Cincinnati, OhioLeaky homes and outdated appliances can be costly, especially during the summer months. Before the highest temperatures hit your Cincinnati home, take on a home energy upgrade to save yourself from high energy bills without compromising your comfort. (more…)

Save Energy Instantly: Detect and Fix Air Leaks Around the House

detect and fix air leaks, Cincinnati, OhioTired of hot air coming inside during the summer while cool, conditioned air escapes, wasting valuable energy? (more…)

Thinking About Upgrading to a Zoning System? What It Does and How It Helps

upgrading to a zoning system, Cincinnati, OhioHomeowners are always trying to find ways to balance energy usage with their family’s comfort level. Upgrading to a zoning system might be the perfect answer to maintaining this balance in your greater Cincinnati home. Let’s take a look at how this system works and what it has to offer. (more…)

Seal Air Leaks Before the Seasons Change for Maximum Savings

seal air leaks, Cincinnati, OhioSealing your home against the cold air of the greater Cincinnati area winter is an effective way to realize savings on your heating costs. It also will save you money during the summer months ahead. (more…)