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Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your Bathroom Upgrade

bathroom upgradeWhen planning your bathroom upgrade, new bathroom fixtures can not only give your bathroom a totally different ambiance, but they can also lower your water bills. Because there are so many options to choose from, it helps to plan ahead.

Beautiful, Functional Faucets

If you’ll be keeping your current sink cabinet, choose a faucet type that matches the hole openings in the counter. Make sure the faucet’s size suits your sink size. If you have kids or elderly family members, choose a faucet that’s easy to use, such as a single-handle or hands-free model.

Then consider style and finish. Ideally, your choice should coordinate with your other bathroom fixtures and surfaces. For a modern look, try polished nickel, matte black or the standard polished chrome. To create a vintage or rustic feel, copper, brass, and hammered nickel are good choices.

Look for faucet that’s earned the WaterSense labeled. These faucets use at least 30 percent less water than standard models, yet perform just was reliably.

Toilets with Style

If you’re planning to replace your toilet, first measure your existing toilet’s rough-in size, the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the bolts on the base. You’ll need a toilet with the same rough-in size to avoid major plumbing modifications.

Decide whether you want a standard, space-saving round bowl or an elongated bowl for extra comfort. Rim height also affects comfort and ease of use. The standard is 14 to 15 inches, but 16 1/2 inches often more comfortable for the elderly and those with disabilities.

A toilets in white and other neutral might go with everything, but one in a bolder color or with an artistic motif will give your bathroom a dash of personality.

By choosing a WaterSense-labeled toilet, you’ll use 20 percent less water per flush with no reduction in performance compared to standard toilets.

Renovations aren’t the only reason for a bathroom upgrade with new fixtures. If you have a cracked toilet or a faucet with a persistent leak or water pressure problem, contact an Apollo Home plumber for guidance on your repair and replacement options.

Upgrading Your Bathroom? The Latest in Toilet Technology

When planning your bathroom remodel, don’t forget the toilet. These vital fixtures are solid, long-lasting and generally require only minor repairs, such as replacing the flapper or fill valve. Existing toilets tend to become a permanently installed part of a house for decades.

planning your bathroom remodelUnfortunately, the excessive water usage typical of older toilets and the high water bills that come along with it also become a permanent fixture. Planning your bathroom remodel is a perfect time to think about replacing that old toilet with a newer model that is designed for efficiency and economy.

Toilet-flushing is the single most water-intensive activity in most homes, and accounts for over 30 percent of total household water consumption. Toilets made before the 1980s may use up to seven gallons of water per flush (GPF.) Many of these are still on the job and still wasting water. Later models from the 1990s cut GPF in half. Today, there are even more ways to conserve more water without sacrificing toilet performance.

Ultra Low-Flush (ULF) Toilets

These models comply with the current Federal maximum standard of 1.6 GPF. Ultra low-flush models began to be installed in new residential construction in 1994. If your home was built before then, you may have a pre-ULF toilet and could benefit substantially simply by upgrading to today’s standard.

High Efficiency Toilets (HET)

Using only 1.28 GPF, these toilets outperform the ULF models and all those that came before. HET savings add up with every flush. In a year, an average family can save as much as 13,000 gallons of water with an HET versus a ULF model. Today, there are more than a thousand high efficiency toilet models on the market, allowing you a variety to choose from when planning your bathroom remodel.

Dual Flush Models

Dual flush toilets feature a user-selectable flush volume control at the touch of a button. For liquid waste, the unit consumes only .8 gallons. Full flush volume is the standard maximum of 1.6 GPF.

For professional advice, sales and installation when planning your bathroom remodel, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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