Drain Clearing & Cleaning

“Apollo Home’s plumbers in Cincinnati specialize in clearing and cleaning drains. Whether it’s your kitchen sink, bath, basement or toilet, we can handle any drain. We have advanced tools and technology to get to the root of the problem fast.” See our checklist below of how Apollo Home approaches clogged drains.Drain Clearing

So what is the difference between clearing and cleaning a drain?

  • Drain clearing is performed with a snaking tool that targets the specific pipe blockage where it occurs. A plumber uses this tool to puncture the buildup and allow water to flow freely through your plumbing system.
  • Drain cleaning is performed using a jetting process that involves shooting a certain amount of pressurized water into the drain system to fully clean out the pipes. Most of the time, Apollo Home first videotapes the drain as the water attempts to rush through it to see what the problem might be. This gives our plumbers the means to know exactly how to resolve the issue.

While the snaking tool in a drain clearing punctures the blockage, drain cleaning sweeps the entire drain, removing any leftover debris that may remain after drain clearing. The two procedures are effective when used sequentially, if the situation calls for it.

Regular maintenance can prevent a clogged drain from ruining your day. The pros at Apollo Home offer an EPA-authorized product called Bio Clean. It’s very safe and works by using naturally occurring microorganisms that eat away at the variety of substances that adhere to the pipes in your plumbing and treatment systems. Although it sounds like something from a sci-fi film, Bio Clean is actually easy to use and inexpensive.

For difficult drain blockages – tree roots bursting into pipes, for example – Apollo Home’s plumbers will often send a camera down into the drain to observe the problem area before determining a proper solution. In a severe case such as this, the pipe (or a section of the pipe) may need to be replaced.

Whatever the cause, blocked drains are best handled by professionals. The hassle of attempting a repair the problem yourself can be an exercise in frustration and wasted time, and rarely results in a satisfactory or permanent fix.


Clogged Drain?

Apollo Home’s licensed and trained plumbers are ready to help 24/7 and will go through the following steps to help get your drain cleared quickly.

  1. Diagnose the situation by:
    • Talking with you about any history related to the situation, which will help him better identify the problem
    • Checking the drains and toilets in the vicinity to help determine if the clog is affecting just the one drain or multiple drains
  2. Find the closest access to get to the drain (sometimes it’s better to add an access point)
  3. Determine the best solution (cable, jetting or repair) for unclogging your drain and discuss all the options/methods
  4. Attempt to clear the drain using the agreed upon method—90% of the time the problem can be solved and nothing further needs to be done
  5. In cases where the first method doesn’t resolve the problem, other solutions will be needed—some of those problems could include:
    • Heavy grease build-up
    • Bellied or sagging drain lines
    • Limited access to the drain line
    • Poor venting
    • Broken or damaged drain lines
    • Major root intrusion of the main (whole house/sewer) line
  6. Problems with the main line will require a camera be used to help:
    • Verify the main line is completely clean
    • Insure that there are no underlying problems with the main line pipe, such as corrosion, cracks, separations, and roots
    • Locate blockages that can’t be cleared
    • Eliminate reoccurrence of the problem



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