A toilet running or a leaky faucet are plumbing problems many Cincinnati homeowners face throughout the year. These issues are frustrating as well as cause significant water waste. This drives up your utility bills and makes your home less efficient.

The Cincinnati plumbers of Apollo Home solve these common plumbing issues. We restore proper functionality to help you save utility costs. Below we discuss some of the most common plumbing problems Cincinnati homeowners face and their solutions.

Toilet Running

With a toilet running around the clock, your Cincinnati home wastes gallons of water each day. A toilet running is often caused by an issue with the toilet’s flapper.

The toilet flapper is the rubber seal which prevents water from flowing through the tank to the bowl. When a toilet is flushed, the flapper lifts to allow fresh water to fill the bowl from the tank.

Apollo plumbers test your toilet’s flapper for a proper seal. If the flapper does not seal properly, we replace it with a new component to stop the toilet running.

Other potential sources of a toilet running problem are a leak in the fill valve or improper water level in the tank. Our plumbers perform thorough diagnostics to find the source of your toilet running issue. Professional solutions help your family reduce water waste from a toilet running.

Leaky Faucets

Did you know a leaky faucet in your Cincinnati home has the potential to waste the equivalent of 180 showers’ worth of water in a year, at just one drip per second? Often the source of a faucet leak is a worn-out washer or gasket in the faucet’s assembly. Over time, these components degrade and require replacement.

Some homeowners choose to replace worn washers and gaskets in a faucet themselves. However, this has the potential to create problems. To function properly and without leaks, it’s important to correctly reassemble faucets. Uncomfortable making this repair yourself? Trust our experienced plumbers. They get the job done right.

We inspect your leaky faucets to diagnose the issue and make needed repairs, which may include changing worn-out components. Your faucet is reassembled correctly so it works without leaks.

If your leaky faucet is beyond repair, Apollo Home offers new faucets to meet your water-saving goals and blend with your home’s decor. We have a wide selection of models available in a variety of finishes for bathrooms, kitchens and more.

Water Heater Leaks

A leaky water heater is a major issue for Cincinnati homeowners. It wastes water, as well as electricity or gas, depending on your water heating fuel source. The volume of water a water heater holds poses a great risk of water damage in the event of a leak.

Water heaters often leak due to malfunctions with the following components:

  • Cold water inlet
  • Hot water outlet
  • Temperature valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Drain valve
  • Internal tank

If your Cincinnati water heater leaks, protect your home right away and turn off the power and water supplies to the unit. Call our expert plumbers to evaluate your water heater and make repairs to prevent water damage and energy waste.

If your tank water heater is ready to retire, consider a tankless model as a replacement. We can’t say enough good things about tankless water heaters. Curious? Read more in this recent blog, “Tankless Water Heater – An Easy Home Improvement…”

Get Help Today from Expert Cincinnati Plumbers for Leaky Faucets, Frozen Pipes or a Toilet Running

In conclusion, for plumbing problems from a toilet running to a major water leak, Apollo Home provides quick, professional solutions. It’s critical to quickly address plumbing problems, because water damage is usually expensive. So, contact us now to schedule service.