As a Cincinnati homeowner looking to save on water heating costs, you might be eyeing those efficient tankless water heaters. You can save 12 to 34 percent on your water heating costs compared to a conventional tank, but only if you take these steps for ensuring the equipment’s optimal performance.

  • Size the tank correctly – Sizing tankless water heaters requires knowing the maximum possible temperature rise at a given flow rate. A plumber can help you with the calculations, which involve adding up the flow rates of each faucet and fixture connected to the tankless water heater. Make sure the heater you choose delivers the most common temperature rise of 70 degrees at your required flow rate.
  • Take minimum flow rate into account – Don’t forget the heater’s minimum flow rate, which ranges from 0.5 to 2 gallons per minute. Without a low enough minimum flow rate, the heater may shut off to prevent overheating when you lower the flow of water at the tap.
  • Opt for professional installation – Proper sizing, configuration, venting and other requirements make tankless water heater installation a complex process. Count on an experienced, factory-trained plumbing contractor to perform the installation for you.
  • Consider a point-of-use model – Whole-house tankless systems are certainly available, but point-of-use configurations are useful if you want a dedicated water heater for particular operations, such as the dishwasher and kitchen sink. With a heater located close to the water outlet, hot water is available almost immediately, preventing the waste that otherwise happens as you wait for the water to heat up.
  • Combine tankless water heaters with other energy-saving methods – Solar water heaters and drain water heat recovery are two methods to preheat water entering the tankless water heater. This makes the delay between calling for hot water and it arriving at the tap less noticeable.
  • Insist on correct ventilation – To prevent dangerous backdrafting, which is when combustion gases are brought into the living space, make sure your gas-fired tankless water heater has sealed combustion and direct ventilation.

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