Many homeowners who’ve experienced a wet basement know the value of a sump pump. Sure, a sump pump can get rid of standing water, but more important, it can help you avoid the problem altogether by keeping ground water flowing to the outside.

Combine a sump pump with basement waterproofing, and you may never have a water problem again. But eventually, even the best sump pump needs to be replaced. Use the following buyer’s guide to find a reliable unit.

  • Sizing: Choose a sump pump that is the right size for your needs. An oversized pump will waste energy without significantly increasing performance. In most cases, a 1/3-horsepower pump is sufficient. To determine if you need a larger model, consider the total developed head, which indicates how far the water has to travel to flow outside your home. Water coming from a 3-foot pit, climbing a 10-foot wall and traveling another foot to the discharge area has 14 feet of total developed head. The pump must be able to move water that far.
  • Battery: You’ll need a battery to serve as a backup power source. Choose a name-brand battery when possible. It should be able to provide at least six hours of continuous pumping after the main power goes out. A rechargeable battery or a sealed maintenance-free battery are both good choices. If you use a dry-cell marine battery, make sure you keep it filled.
  • Material: Many sump pumps are made of plastic or stainless steel, but a cast-iron sump pump is preferred, because it is rugged, long-lasting and hard to damage.
  • Alarm: Purchase a model with an emergency alarm that indicates conditions such as loss of power, a dead battery or a pump failure.
  • Switch: Sump pumps are usually activated by float switches that rise with the water level. When the water reaches a particular height, the float switch starts the pump. Look for a model with dual float switches or electronic level control.

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