Here are five plumbing problems that cannot be ignored and should trigger immediate response to prevent significant damage and potential harm. Some of these problems you can fix yourself — if you’re handy around the house. Others, however, require an immediate call to your plumber or your utility company.

  1. Odor of gas inside your home: Utility companies add substances to natural gas that give it a rotten-egg or sulfur odor. If you detect this odor, you may have a dangerous gas leak. Everyone in your home should leave immediately. Do not use the phone, electrical devices or items that could create a spark or a flame. Go to a safe location some distance away, and then call your gas company or fire department.
  2. Overflowing toilet: Watching your toilet about to overflow can give you a sick feeling. To stop the water flow, shut off the valve at the inlet to the toilet. Find the sewer clean-out plug in the outside drain line, and open it to clear water from the drain.
  3. Unseen leaks causing water to come up or pool in your yard: This usually means a leak or break in an underground water line. Find your water meter, usually at the side of your home or behind it, and shut off the main valve that controls water flow to your home.
  4. Indoor leak from an unknown source: A leak you can’t find must still be stopped as quickly as possible. Go to the water meter or main water valve, and shut off all water coming into your home.
  5. Bubbling or gurgling sounds from first-floor drains: This often indicates a sewer or drain clog that may soon cause a backup. Stop running water in your home, and open the sewer clean-out plug outside to drain water.

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