When the toilet starts running on its own and you can not figure out what is wrong, check for the following, so you are not throwing your money away!


 Check for:

  • Float arm not rising high enough
  • Water-filled float ball.
  • Tank stopper not seating properly.
  • Corroded flush valve seal.
  • Cracked overflow tube.
  • Ball cock valve doesn’t shut off.


  • Bend float arm down or away from tank wall.
  • Replace ball.
  • Adjust stopper guide rod and lift wires or chain. Replace defective stopper.
  • Scour valve seat or replace.
  • Replace tube or install new flush valve assembly.
  • Oil trip lever, replace faulty washers, or install new ball cock assembly.

If you just can not figure it out, visit your local home improvement store (Lowes, Home Depot) and ask a sales associate to help you find what you need. Most times, they can also provide valuable how-to tips too!