Clogs and blockages in a home’s plumbing can cause serious harm if they’re not taken care of promptly. There are several indicators homeowners can keep their eyes open for to get a head start with professional drain cleaning. If you see any of the following warning signs, call your plumber to schedule professional drain cleaning before a disaster happens.

Signs It’s Time for Professional Drain Cleaning

  • Slow moving drains – Lazy draining caused by a buildup of minerals or grease that partially blocks the lines may not seem like an immediate cause for concern. Getting the problem addressed when you first notice sluggish drains can help avert a sudden sewer backup that leaves you with unnecessary mess and expense.
  • Frequent clogs – Unclogging a shower or sink drain is usually a relatively easy task, but any clog that doesn’t get resolved after frequent attempts should be checked by a plumber. When a drain malfunctions repeatedly, it’s a sign that the entire clog isn’t being removed or that the blockage is located deep in the lines where it’s impossible to eliminate without know-how and specialized equipment.
  • Multiple clogs – A clogged toilet, sink or shower is typically caused by a blockage in the drain line serving just that one fixture. Often a plunger or drain cleaning product can take care of this type of clog. When multiple fixtures are affected at one time, though, there’s likely a blockage in the main line that only professional drain cleaning can resolve.
  • Unpleasant odors – A bad smell wafting up from one plumbing fixture can point to an easy-to-fix clogged P-trap. If the sewer odors are coming from multiple drains, though, you may have a blockage in the venting system or a broken sewer pipe that a plumber needs to investigate and repair.
  • Basement water backups – Standing or bubbling water around a basement floor drain is a clear indication of a blockage issue that deserves immediate attention. Having the problem assessed and addressed before a backup occurs can prevent potential health risks from contaminated water and save you the ordeal of a messy cleanup and expensive repairs.

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