A home’s plumbing system makes daily life more convenient and comfortable, but it may not get much attention while it’s in good working order. As plumbing ages, it’s inevitable that the pipes branching throughout your home will start to deteriorate. Eventually, they’ll need to be replaced, but how can you tell when a plumbing upgrade is necessary?

Replacing decaying water pipes isn’t an inexpensive or easy task, but it can’t compare to the stress and cost of repairing damage from a serious water leak. To help you determine when tackling an upgrade to your plumbing system is warranted, regularly check the condition of exposed pipes in areas such as the basement, around the water heater, under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and in theutility room.

Warning Signs of Aging Plumbing

Here are four other ways to spot the signs of looming plumbing problems:

  • Check for water stains. Look at the surfaces beneath accessible plumbing pipes and the walls around them. While fresh, wet stains are clear evidence of an existing leak, older dried stains can point to a past issue that can easily crop up again in the future.
  • Inspect the pipes regularly. Look for dimpling, discoloration or flaking on the pipes that indicates decay and corrosion. If the pipes have any irregularities, you should contact a licensed plumber and schedule a thorough evaluation.
  • Pay attention to leaks. If you’re experiencing frequent leaks, your plumbing may be telling you that it’s ready for an upgrade. Even small leaks that are easily fixed can signal that bigger problems will occur sooner rather than later.
  • Look at your water color. When you return home after being away for a few days, check the color of the water. If the plumbing pipes are starting to corrode, you’ll likely see a yellow or rusty-brown tinge in any water that’s been sitting in them for a while.

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