The Apollo Apprenticeship Program

Get paid to learn a trade! We hire men and women who want job security in the growing HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries.

HVAC Technicians, Electricians and Plumbers are in high demand and we want you to grow with us.

In order to provide the best customer service and to preserve the Apollo company for another 100 years, we have to have the best people. If you would like to learn a trade, enjoy ongoing professional development and want a career capable of providing for a family, talk to us. There’s a wave of HVAC, electrical and plumbing professionals retiring while the industry continues to grow. We want to meet the demand with dedicated, driven people who enjoy learning new things.

Earn while you learn!

There is no cost to you to join the Apollo Home Apprenticeship Program. The total value of the apprenticeship program is $20,000 and in addition, you get paid for your training, with a raise after successful completion of the program and transition into certified technician status. College and trade schools charge tuition with no offer of employment. Our program is by far the smarter option.

With Apollo Home, you graduate with a career…not debt!

You may have heard many occupations requiring traditional four-year and graduate degrees earn as much or less than some occupations in the trades.

For example, according to May 2018 statistics on payscale.com, a mid-career reference librarian earns an average of $48,834 to help people research topics like climate control. A person actually repairing a building’s climate control system, a heating and air technician, earns an average of $48,392. The librarian spends an average of $131,000** for the undergraduate and graduate degrees to train and qualify for his or her job. The HVAC contractor may spend an average of $16,000* for an associates degree or less, depending on the type of school chosen and textbooks required. Payscale.com also offers comparisons for an architect, $64,757 and a journeyman/lineman at $69,767. A master plumber earns an average of $59,587.

The bottom line:
Most four-year degrees require expensive schooling leaving graduates with mountains of debt from tuition, fees, textbooks and housing. We offer a comprehensive apprenticeship program whether you’re a recent high school graduate or someone with experience interested in transitioning into a new career in heating and air, electrical or plumbing.

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Graduate Stories

“The apprenticeship program for Apollo was one of the single most informative programs I have ever taken. It will get you ready to be a service tech in no time. You will learn everything from how to greet the customer to how to fix the service issue.”

Phil Y. 

“The apprenticeship program was awesome. Nowhere else are you going to get this type of training and knowledge just for working. Blew my expectations the amount of things I have learned in the past few months let alone every single day. Big fan!”

Frank W. 

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