Addressing ventilation issues is key to improving air quality, maintaining proper moisture levels and controlling heating and cooling costs in your home. Air sealing methods in many of today’s airtight homes can trap harmful contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radon indoors. Improper moisture levels can cause mold and mildew, as well as worsen allergies and breathing problems. Proper ventilation techniques however, can reduce the heating and cooling load on your HVAC system and lower energy bills.

Benefits of Whole-House Ventilation

Whole-house ventilation provides controlled, uniform air circulation throughout your home using fans and duct systems to remove stale air and bring fresh air. There are four types of whole-house systems:

  • Exhaust systems – These depressurize your home, are relatively inexpensive and simple to install, and work well in cold climates. Exhaust systems, however, may increase heating and cooling costs and cause backdrafting in combustion appliances.
  • Supply systems – Supply systems pressurize your home, are also inexpensive and simple to install, and allow better control than exhaust systems. They prevent carbon monoxide backdrafting and allow dehumidification of outdoor air, as well as filtering of pollen and dust. They may also increase HVAC costs and can cause moisture problems in cold climates.
  • Balanced systems – These don’t affect the pressure in your home, but they do introduce equal quantities of air into and out of it. Though they’re a little pricier, they are appropriate for any climate. They don’t control moisture and can also affect heating and cooling costs.
  • Energy recovery systems – A superior choice to ventilate your home, these systems also minimize energy loss. In the winter, ERVs transfer heat from warm exhausted air to fresh (cold) air being brought into your home, and vice versa in the summer. They cost more than other systems, but reduce heating and cooling costs, making them cost-effective and a great choice for climates with extreme summers or winters. An experienced contractor is necessary to properly install these systems.

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