Have you thought about having a ventilation system installed in your greater Cincinnati home? One huge perk to having proper ventilation is improved indoor air quality. Because poor air quality can cause health issues, it’s imperative that you choose the right system for ventilating for your home. 

Types of Ventilation Systems

When choosing a ventilation system, you must find one that will work best with the type of home you have, as well as the climate in which you live.

  • Exhaust – This type of system works well in colder climates. The main purpose is to depressurize your home. It works to remove the moist air that can cause indoor mold growth.
  • Supply – A supply system works well in both hot and cold climates. It serves to pressurize your home. It works by bringing fresh air in from outside.
  • Balanced – This system that works well in all climates. It brings in fresh air and eliminates equal amounts of polluted air.
  • Energy recovery systems and heat recovery systems – This system is used to ventilate a house while controlling the temperature. This system helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Features of Ventilation Systems

There are a few important features you should look for when considering a ventilation system for your home.

  • Be aware of the noise ventilation systems can create. If you don’t want to hear the system, make sure that you purchase one with the sound rating of 1 sone.
  • Fans should be installed that allow the air to be distributed throughout the entire house. This helps to provide the whole house with high quality air, rather than just ventilating a single room.
  • Bringing in outdoor air can also bring in negative pollutants. Having a good filtration system in your home is important.

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