Before selecting a new boiler system for your home, it pays to understand what to look for in order to get a much more efficient unit.

Even steam boilers heating your home via radiator(s), which run hotter and are less efficient than hot-water boilers, are now more efficient than ever before. You’ll save the most if you select a hot-water unit that pipes water to a baseboard or radiant heating system.

Tougher performance standards and new technology have produced home heating equipment that converts most of its fuel to heat and wastes much less than in the past. Ensure that you get the best performance and save the most energy and money over the long haul by selecting an adequate system.

Here are three areas to understand when selecting a boiler system:

  1. Purchase the right size equipment. Today’s more advanced energy-efficiency technology will save you money on a new boiler, but not if you choose a system with more capacity than you need. The extra, wasted capacity will eat up the savings you should be getting. A properly sized furnace will operate most efficiently. Newer systems can be retrofitted to a lower capacity if your home needs less energy after upgrades such as adding insulation, sealing ducts, fixing air leaks and improving the home’s airtightness.
  2. Look for the Energy Star label, which identifies the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. In a climate like Cincinnati’s with cold winters, invest in the highest-efficiency equipment, because even a 5 percent efficiency improvement makes a difference.
  3. Select a sealed combustion boiler system that routes outdoor air straight into the burner component and expels combustion gases straight outdoors. Draft hoods and dampers aren’t needed. Unsealed combustion systems expel heated air up through the chimney and outside, wasting energy. They can also allow hazardous combustion gases into your home. With a sealed-combustion heating system, you may need to add a new duct vent or line your chimney for proper ventilation. Sealed-combustion equipment usually generates acidic exhaust that shouldn’t go through an older, unlined chimney.

If you have more questions about selecting a boiler system, contact the experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We’ve proudly served Cincinnati area homeowners since 1910.

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