Your home is your castle but suddenly it’s also your workspace, your school, and your staycation! With all this time spent at home, it’s a good idea to make sure your home’s indoor air quality is top-notch! Here are the best ways to breathe easy when it comes to knowing you’re keeping your family’s home air quality at its best.

1. Find out the state of your home’s air quality
It’s important to monitor common pollutants in your home and other major health and safety dangers such as carbon monoxide and radon. An air quality test will track down pollutants and determine what you need to eradicate them.

2. Replace filters
One of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your home’s air quality is to make sure your HVAC filters are routinely changed. Filters protect against dust, smoke, pet dander, and even gaseous pollutants. Choose one with a high Minimum Efficiency Rating Value to make the biggest difference in your home.

3. Get a handle on your home’s humidity
Your humidity level is one of the leading culprits of poor indoor air quality. Too high, and mold and mildew can breed; too low and bacteria and viruses thrive. Having a ventilation system working properly, and upgrading your air filters are part of the Centers for Disease Controls recommendations to aid in protecting your family from the Coronavirus. Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help level out the humidity levels in your home.

4. Take advantage of fresh outdoor air
Increasing natural ventilation in the home can also help improve your home’s air quality if the inside and outside air temperatures are similar. Make sure your Cincinnati air quality rating is at a good level before inviting in outside breezes.

5. Preventative maintenance is key
Your HVAC system is pumping air through your home’s air ducts daily. Make sure it is up to the task by engaging in a preventative maintenance schedule. Working properly, your system will work efficiently and effectively. Cleaning your air ducts also helps ensure healthy air quality levels by removing pollutants that might be captured and distributed through the ductwork.

6. Take advantage of the latest in technology
UV lights can sterilize moving air while extending the life of your HVAC unit by keeping your coils clean. Air scrubbers have been proven to reduce up to 99% of airborne and surface bacteria and viruses.

There’s a lot of quality work being done from home these days. Apollo Home can help make sure your indoor air quality makes the grade too. Just call us to schedule your indoor air quality consultation today!