The cost of a new HVAC system is far less important than making sure what you purchase is a good fit for your home. And regardless of what you pay, the system itself is actually secondary to the company who recommends, installs and services it.

Even the most expensive system will perform poorly if it is not properly installed and maintained, so it is critical to choose the best and most trustworthy service provider.  See “8 Considerations When Choosing an HVAC Service Provider”.

Many consumer publications like Consumer Reports, will tell you that there are not significant differences in the nuts and bolts of the equipment.  The big HVAC companies generally get their parts from the same suppliers and use the same technology in their manufacturing process.  Many of the differences are largely cosmetic in nature.

The efficiency of a system is something you should consider – and as expected the price of the system goes up as the efficiency rating goes up.  Although the systems are more expensive initially, they are less costly to run and can foster significant savings over time.  Also, the system installed should be the appropriate size to heat and cool the amount of space in your home.  Bigger is not always better. Read the Heating and Cooling Equipment Selection guide to learn more.

A qualified HVAC technician will use his or her expertise to make the best recommendation for your home.  Most systems, regardless of cost, will only operate as well as the company you hire to install and service it.  The company should help you answer these questions:

  1. What level of efficiency is right for your home?
  2. What size unit does your home require?
  3. What systems, if any, have a poor performance record?
  4. Which systems are too new to have a proven track record?

Trusting your technician and the company they work for is the most important thing to consider.  You are making an important investment, so ensure you get the most efficient, cost effective system for your home.