Many homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about indoor air quality, assuming that the air inside a house is generally safe. This often isn’t the case, though. Plus indoor air quality can decline significantly in winter, with lack of ventilation and extra sealing being common in most homes. Family members with allergies or asthma are the most likely to suffer from poor indoor air quality, though it affects everyone. Fixing the issue can be fairly easy, however, if you follow a few simple steps to minimize indoor air pollution in your home.

Air Quality Assessment

You need to know what specific pollutants are causing issues in your home before you can choose the right solution. Simple home testing products are available for some toxins, like radon and carbon monoxide, but investing in a professional assessment is the most effective option for most households.

Reducing Pollutants

Perhaps the easiest method for keeping pollutants out of your home is to avoid bringing them home in the first place. Even minor renovations can introduce toxic chemicals, so opt for chemical-free materials and low-VOC paints. You should also try to choose non-toxic and fragrance-free alternatives to household cleaners.

Choosing the Right Houseplants

Many common houseplants are highly effective at filtering air and reducing toxins. Decorating with air-purifying houseplants like pothos and ivy will help to brighten up your home and minimize indoor air pollution at the same time.

Furnace Filters

Routine air filter changes are important for your home’s air quality and the maintenance of the HVAC system, so be sure to replace your filter with an effective HEPA filter every three months.

Air Purification Systems

For homeowners with special air quality concerns, a whole-house air purifier is the most effective way to minimize indoor air pollution. Though these systems may be a major investment, they pay off in efficiency and reliability in the long run.

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