Having a heat pump is a great way to bring comfort to your home year-round.

With the hot summers and cold winters of the Cincinnati region, a heat pump is an efficient way to pump warm air out of your home during the summer months and provide heat during the winter months. But like anything else, heat pumps come with their pros and cons.


  • With a heat pump, you can quickly change the temperature to suit your comfort needs, while other options like plug-in electric heaters aren’t able to obtain the desired temperature as easily and quickly.
  • Installing a pump can save you money due to their efficient operation. Proper maintenance also helps. Having an HVAC professional check the equipment every year will help ensure that it continues to operate optimally.
  • When in cooling mode or dry mode, heat pumps will help dehumidify your home, making the interior more comfortable and keeping your home and furnishings out of harm’s way from summer’s high humidity.


  • When a heat pump is operating, a fan is running, which means there’s an opportunity for noise. Fans located inside your home shouldn’t make much noise, but the fan located in an outside unit can be heard, particularly if it’s placed close to the bedrooms.
  • Heat pumps don’t work quite as well in extremely cold weather. Extracting heat from the outside when it’s bitterly cold can be difficult and your unit can freeze up. When this occurs, the unit must expend energy to defrost and may trigger a more expensive backup electric heating unit. For this reason, homes in cold climates that have heat pumps often have secondary heating sources which kick in around the freezing point.
  • Heat pumps can create noticeable drafts as air is circulated, so pay attention to where you have the unit installed.

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