When you live in an area with unpredictable winter temperatures, a dual fuel heating systemis an economical choice. Dual fuel systems give homeowners the benefit of comfortable heating with a heat pump on mild days and the warmth of a gas furnace when the temperature drops below freezing. Because heat pumps are the most energy-efficient method of home heating, you may be able to save on your heating bill when the weather’s warmer.

Until the outside temperature reaches about 35 degrees, you’ll benefit from the advantages of the heat pump. While the heat pump is working, a steady flow of warm air is distributed throughout the home. Many people are comfortable with using a heat pump when the temperature is between 40 and 50 degrees outside.

On the days and nights that the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, you’ll stay warm inside with heat from your furnace. Gas furnaces distribute bursts of hot air throughout your home. Because heat pumps are much less efficient in freezing temperatures, the furnace can take over.

By using both methods of home heating, you can be comfortable year-round without worrying about the extreme natural gas or oil price fluctuations on your energy bill. Heat pumps distribute three to four times as much heat energy as they use in electricity to operate in cool weather. However, when the outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, they switch to a less efficient electric heating method, making furnace heat more economical.

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