Dehumidifiers are a good solution for the problems many Ohio homeowners face during humid summer weather. Keeping indoor humidity levels under control is important for your home’s air quality and comfort.

Air that’s more humid feels hotter, and if humidity levels get too high, your home can develop problems with mold growth. Mold reduces indoor air quality by contributing allergens and irritants to your home’s air.

Whether you’ll want to go with a whole-house dehumidifier or a portable one depends on how much of your home has excessive humidity levels. Portable dehumidifiers can work for a small area, like a basement, but to decrease humidity levels throughout your home, you’ll want to go with a whole-house dehumidifier. The benefits a whole-house model offers concern capacity, airflow and operation.

  • Capacity – The difference in the capacity between whole-house dehumidifiers and portable units is frequently larger than it appears. Whole-house units list their capacity based on the amount of moisture they can remove from air that’s at 80 degrees and 60 percent relative humidity. Conversely, portable units frequently exaggerate their capacities by basing them on conditions that are unlikely to be found in a home. This means they may offer significantly less moisture removal than stated when used in your home.
  • Airflow – Most whole-house dehumidifiers will utilize your home’s ductwork to efficiently move and dehumidify a large amount of air. Portable dehumidifiers have much weaker fans that won’t be able to move the air well enough to dehumidify a large area, even if they have the moisture removal capacity.
  • Operation – Portable dehumidifiers usually collect water removed from the air in a container that has to be emptied regularly. On the other hand, whole-house dehumidifiers send water that’s removed from the air directly to a drain.

Whole-house dehumidifiers are also expected to have a longer operational life span. They’re made of more durable materials and are designed to be repairable if breakage occurs.

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