Air conditioners tend to be reliable systems if they’re installed correctly, and, often, most problems are related to routine maintenance issues. If the A/C in your Cincinnati area home has stopped working, check for theses common A/C issues before calling a professional and you may be able to save the cost of a service call:

  • Condenser won’t run – When the condenser—exterior portion of the system—won’t turn on, you should first check the thermostat to make sure it has fresh batteries or power from the thermostat wires. Next, check for tripped breakers or blown fuses at the main service panel, and reset the power. Call a professional if these suggestions don’t work, as there may be a problem with the compressor.
  • Poor cooling performance – Common A/C issues that can allow the system to run but cool inefficiently include thermostat malfunctions, a clogged air filter or a dirty evaporator coil. Verify that the thermostat is working, then check the condition of the air filter. If the filter is dirty or clogged, clean or replace it. If the problem remains, check the interior evaporator coil for dust and carefully clean the coils using a soft brush and a vacuum, if necessary
  • System is running but not cooling – If the thermostat is working, check the condition of the condenser coils outside. If the condenser is surrounded by tall weeds, trash or other debris, clear the area around the condenser to allow unrestricted airflow into the unit, then inspect the coils themselves for leaves, twigs and other debris. Clean and rinse the coils, being careful not to damage the delicate cooling fins.
  • System cycles on and off – If the interior or exterior coils are dirty, throughly clean them. Check the thermostat settings and make sure the air filter is clean.

If the problem remains after trying these solutions to common A/C issues, contact the experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for assistance. We’ve provided the greater Cincinnati area with quality HVAC services since 1910.

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