Believe it or not, the simple air filter in your forced-air heating or cooling system can play a major role in how well your equipment operates. Changing the air filter on a regular basis is essential since it ensures smooth airflow and energy-efficient operation, and may extend your HVAC equipment’s service life and improve indoor air quality. Let’s look at each inter-related benefit of changing the air filter:

Optimum Airflow

As air circulates in your forced-air system and is delivered to rooms and then brought back to the furnace, A/C or heat pump, it passes through an air filter to remove dirt, debris and other airborne contaminants. Over time, the collected particulates will coat and clog the filter. Unless the filter is changed before this happens, airflow will be restricted. This forces your HVAC equipment to work harder to meet temperature demands, wasting energy and stressing parts.

Energy Efficiency

If the blower or air handler doesn’t meet resistance as it pushes air through the HVAC system, the equipment will use less energy. In addition, if A/C or heat pump refrigerant coils are clean, the essential heat exchange process will occur much more efficiently. Finally, system parts and components that get dirty as a result of a clogged air filter will see more friction and won’t use energy efficiently.

Equipment Malfunctions and System Longevity

HVAC equipment that’s working unnecessarily long and hard to do its job will fail earlier than if you were regularly switching out the filter. Similarly, the system’s useful service life may be shortened.

Indoor Air Quality

Once an air filter starts getting clogged with dust and debris, it might initially do a better job of filtering out particulates. However, once it’s fully blocked, the blower may begin blowing health-threatening contaminants past the filter and into indoor air.

The basic rule for most systems is to check the air filter once a month, and when it looks dirty, change it.

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