Many older homes hold a certain charm that comes through with unique architecture. However, they can also have outdated HVAC systems, with some even lacking air conditioning entirely. If you want to add cooling to your older home, a duct free split system may be the way to go.

Why Choose a Duct Free Split?

Ductless systems are effective and energy efficient, and they don’t interfere with a home’s architecture. A duct free option also offers the comfort of a modern cooling system without the unsightly look of A/C units hanging out the window.

A duct free split system brings certain benefits to your home:

  • You can fit it into any home, no matter its age or configuration. These systems consist of a small outdoor unit that can handle the cooling needs of up to four different indoor areas. The outdoor unit can sit up to 50 feet away from each room. The inside and outside units connect via a small pipe that passes through the wall. This makes it possible to cool many rooms without running ductwork everywhere.
  • The openings needed into each room are minimal and unobtrusive. You can go with a small round opening or a slotted one, whichever works best in a given room.
  • The high velocity stream of air can efficiently cool a room. And the air comes out silently so there’s no intrusive noise.
  • A duct free split helps bring humidity levels down within the home. High humidity levels can damage architectural features, furniture and flooring; plus it simply¬†makes living in the home uncomfortable. A mini-split system can bring humidity levels down by as much as 20 percent.
  • Ductless keeps drafts down to a minimum. The gentle release of air from a mini split eliminate drafts you get from window units.
  • It will save you money. Mini split systems are very efficient when compared to window units, and this can bring energy costs down considerably.

For more information on adding a duct free split system to your older home, contact the HVAC pros at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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