Cincinnati’s Apollo Home Hiring Now

Do you know a high school graduate who’s not sure what to do next? Greater Cincinnati’s Apollo Home, a plumbing, electrical and heating and air leader, is paying students to learn a trade to help fill positions left open from retiring workers.

The Social Security Administration anticipates a 22 percent reduction in the U.S. workforce between now and 2022. Coupled with a growing industry, there are opportunities for HVAC contractors, plumbers and electricians.

Why So Many Openings in Heating and Air, Plumbing and Electrical?

There’s a third reason, in addition to the retirement of Baby Boomer generation workers and industry expansion, there’s a shortage of people to fill positions installing and repairing plumbing, electrical and heating and air.

For years, the education system in this country pushed curriculums and the public toward four-year college degrees as part of “work smarter, not harder.” It became part of the American dream – to qualify for more of a “white collar” job. The accidental consequence was a demotion to the perception of the so-called “blue collar job.”

Here’s the reality – vacancies in traditionally so-called “blue collar” jobs are rising, demand is increasing and income is going up too.

According to May 2018 statistics on, many occupations requiring traditional four-year and graduate degrees earn as much or less than some occupations in the trades.

For example, a mid-career reference librarian earns an average of $48,834 to help people research topics like climate control. A person actually repairing a building’s climate control system, a heating and air technician, earns an average of $48,392.

The librarian spends an average of $131,000 for the undergraduate and graduate degrees to train and qualify for his or her job. The HVAC contractor may spend an average of $16,000 for an associates degree or less, depending on the type of school chosen and textbooks required. also offers comparisons for an architect, $64,757 and a journeyman/lineman at $69,767. A master plumber earns an average of $59,587.

The bottom line is many positions require expensive schooling leaving graduates with mountains of debt from tuition, fees, textbooks and housing compared to the occupations at Apollo Home, which in general, cost less.

Apollo Home Commits to Apprentices

Apollo Home takes recruitment even more seriously, by paying men and women in their Apollo Apprenticeship programs. The students are earning while they’re learning a trade. At graduation, they have no education debt – they have a career with Apollo Home.

By earning a wage while they’re a student in the Apollo Apprenticeship program, they’re freed up to focus on their journey to heating and air technician/installer, plumber or electrician. It’s unlikely they’ll need a second job to support themselves like most college students.

“We believe by investing early in our HVAC contractors, electricians and plumbers, we’re getting focused individuals who value their time. Earning a training wage allows them to enjoy their families and have the time to be involved in their communities,” said Jamie Gerdsen, CEO of Apollo Home.

“It’s important to us at Apollo Home our apprentices are a match with our core values of continuous learning, doing the right thing for the customer and a drive to be the best, among others,” continued Gerdsen.

“It’s more about who they are as a person. If someone already has some education, or work or military experience – we appreciate it although it’s not required. We’re happy to provide additional training – even invest upwards of $20,000, plus training pay and offsite training expenses, to make them successful. We’ve learned, as a company, we are only as successful as our people.”

Incredible and Competitive Benefits for Apollo Home Employees

Apollo Home offers an interest-free loan program so graduates can easily purchase the tools they’ll need right away. A truck is provided to heating and air technicians so he or she can leave home in the morning and head home in the evening making fewer stops.

“This makes home life easier when our people can head straight to a child’s school program or a ballgame, continued Gerdsen. “Apollo Home values family and supports our people all-around, which includes enabling employees to enjoy the short years we have our kids at home.”

Other benefits for full-time employees include paid vacation, health, dental, vision and life insurance, a college savings plan, 401k personal retirement savings plan, free uniforms, a cell phone and tablet, gas for the company vehicle and more!

For more information about the Apollo Home Apprenticeship program for heating and air technicians, plumbers and electricians, contact one of the friendly members of the Apollo Home team. Get started on a fulfilling and well-paid career with a five-time Cincinnati Enquirer “Top Workplace” today!