Reduce Mold & Mildew From Your Cincinnati Home

How big of deal is mold and mildew?

Cincinnati summers increase home humidity levels. Trust Apollo Home to reduce risks for mold and mildew with air quality solutions, AC maintenance and dehumidifiers.

In addition to being gross, mold and mildew are a fungi responsible for a host of symptoms, ranging from difficulty breathing, sore throat, sneezing, confusion, fatigue. If you don’t see it, but constantly feel as if you have the flu or allergies, it’s worth investigating. Mold, a bigger, badder cousin to Mildew, can actually cause severe respiratory problems.

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Mold And Mildew

Mold essentially needs four things to survive: air, water, food and a temperature between 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Eliminate one of those necessities and it’s a strong offensive against mold growth.

Your heating and cooling system distributes warm or cool air throughout your home, so it can be an ally or an adversary in your efforts. Regular servicing of your HVAC systems are good first step. Your technician will clean all the components involved, while looking for signs of excess moisture and mold.

Proper ventilation will also help reduce mold growth so Apollo Home recommends servicing your system to optimize proper airflow. Airflow is affected by debris in your system and ductwork, so it’s smart to eliminate dust, pollen, pet hair and other particulates through proper care of your interior and exterior HVAC units.

For the big guns, Apollo Home offers multiple products to forcefully attack mold and mildew concerns. A Whole Home Dehumidifier complements your HVAC system to properly adjust the amount of humidity in your house. This overall makes for a healthier home.

Too much humidity puts you at risk for mold, mildew plus an uptick in dust mites, (also aggravating allergy sufferers). Too little humidity increases static electricity, dry skin, feeling parched and supports the spread of virus and bacteria spores.  

Call Apollo Home today to learn more about our line of Whole Home Dehumidifiers. Our team of licensed and NATE-certified technicians are happy to provide a free estimate for a Dehumidifier or any our indoor air quality products, such as Media Air Cleaners and UltraViolet Air Purifiers.

If you choose to install a Dehumidifier, our friendly uniformed professionals will install your unit, show you how it works and answer any of your questions. For your peace of mind, all of our professionals are thoroughly background and drug checked.


Is your dehumidifier not working well? We repair of all brands and models.

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