We have all been spending a lot of time at home recently and making sure we are keeping ourselves healthy by cleaning our homes and our hands. But are you also making sure the air you breathe in your home is as pure and healthy as possible?

Cleaning your home’s air ductwork can improve your indoor air quality and reduce allergens and odors while improving the function and lifespan of your HVAC system.

Reasons you may need your ducts cleaned.

Your home’s air ducts should be cleaned up to every five years. Here are some reasons you may want to hire a professional to clean your ductwork.

  1. You have pets that shed. Animals can shed dander and fur that wind up in your ducts and distributed through your home. It can also impede your HVAC’s efficiency.
  2. You have someone in the home who has a compromised immune system or allergy-related illness. Thorough cleaning of your home is important to mitigate any possible health complications. Cleaning your ductwork can be part of that decontamination process.
  3. You recently had some home remodeling work. Home renovation can cause pollutants to get into your duct system even if your contractor sealed off your ducts during the work.
  4. You notice mold growth inside the ductwork or on other parts of your heating and cooling system. It could mean your insulated air ducts have gotten wet which would require a full replacement.
  5. You’re replacing your HVAC system. Make sure your ductwork complements your new HVAC system and its upgraded efficiency by being cleared and free of any debris.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

It’s imperative your ductwork is cleaned by a professional. Without the proper training and necessary tools, cleaning your ductwork could release contaminants into your home or damage your HVAC system.

At APOLLO Home, our experts use a professional-grade negative air blower system to pull air in reverse through the duct system, while using compressed air and agitation tools to remove the dust, dirt and debris from your home’s duct system. All vents and return covers are removed during the process and wiped down for cleanliness. All air discharged by the machine runs through three stages of filtration including a final HEPA stage. During the HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air stage, filters capture microscopic particulates for the cleanest filtration of dander, mites, pollen, mold spores and tiny dust particles.

Breathe easy knowing when you hire Apollo Home for Duct Cleaning, you are taking a great step to improve the health of your family, and efficiency of your home.