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Tens of millions of Americans suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms. The air quality experts at Apollo Home can supply you with dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and media air cleaners.

Whether it’s dust mites, pollen, dust or pet dander, there’s no shortage in our everyday lives of allergens. Let Apollo Home help!

If you haven’t had your air conditioner and furnace or heat pump serviced recently – please do so! Our friendly technicians will meticulously inspect, clean and lubricate all the components while looking for signs of mold or mildew and wear and tear. They’ll get your system working as cleanly and as efficiently as possible, so it can provide maximum airflow and good indoor air quality.

Apollo Home also recommends installing one of the following products to attack indoor air quality issues affecting allergies and asthma: media air cleaner, ultraviolet air purifier, or whole home dehumidifier.

Media Air Cleaners

Consider installing a Media Air Cleaner – these amazingly quiet machines work with your current HVAC system to clean large volumes of air, reducing contaminants. As part of a whole house filtration system, media air cleaners work to clean the air in your home 12 months a year – even when the HVAC system is not running.

We install media air cleaners in the return duct of your system. As air flows through, it traps particles of pollen, dust and pet dander as small as 1.0 micron. What’s a micron? It’s equivalent to .000039 inches and for context, the diameter of a human hair is around 50-70 microns. Pollutants as large as 10 microns can pass through our lungs, according to the American Lung Association.

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UltraViolet Air Purifier

It feels like science fiction, but we can install an UltraViolet Air Purifier. An UltraViolet Air Purifier uses the germicidal effect of UV light inside your heating and cooling system to kill airborne virus, bacteria and mold particles, preventing them from recirculating through your home and bothering your family.

This is same premise Grandma used when she hung household items outdoors. Sunshine, or UV light, kills a lot of the general germs, bacteria, viruses and other destructive particulates.

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Whole Home Dehumidifier

Another option is to install a Whole Home Dehumidifier within your HVAC system. Excessive indoor humidity can contribute to mold growth and an increase in dust mites, practically kryptonite to allergy and asthma sufferers.

A dehumidifier can modulate the amount of humidity in your indoor air, keeping the humidity from providing a breeding ground for dust mites as other nasties, such as mold spores.

Call us for advice on these and other indoor air quality solutions. We’ve been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for over 100 years and we’ve learned a lot about how to help homeowners.

Let us share our expertise with you.

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Apollo Care Plan

Regularly servicing your HVAC system will reduce the amount of allergens in your household. Sign up for the Care Plan today!


Are your allergies flaring up? We repair of all brands and models of HVAC systems.

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