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The best way to protect your home’s indoor air quality and family’s health while in your Cincinnati area home is to start with installation of a whole house air cleaner. UV light air cleaners remove a wide variety of dust, pollen, allergens and pollutants from your indoor air by passing it through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

The air quality experts at Apollo Home can install an air cleaner system that fits the size of your home and budget. After all, if you can’t breathe in healthy air inside, where are you supposed to get a much-needed break from all of the toxins and airborne particles outside?

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Cincinnati Air Cleaner Installation Benefits


It’s the particles you can’t see that you need to worry about: virus-sized particles and bacteria, allergens, respirable dust and other airborne contaminants. Air cleaners can provide relief from these irritants up to 40 times more efficiently than standard filters.


Installing a whole house air cleaning system means you’ll need to dust less, keeping your home and its contents healthier and more comfortable.


According to Energy Star, “Dirt and neglect are the #1 causes of heating and cooling system failure.” This buildup of dust and dirt can damage your equipment and is a major cause of premature failure and expensive HVAC service maintenance.

Energy Savings

Your heating and cooling equipment can have a reduced efficiency by as much as 25% due to the buildup of pollutants. Filter out particles and help maintain the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system.

3 Ways Air Cleaners Installation Improves Cincinnati Home Comfort

Air cleaning devices installed to your heating and cooling system can help tip the balance in your favor when it comes to ensuring healthy indoor air quality and a more comfortable household environment. Today’s tightly sealed, energy-efficient homes often don’t receive adequate fresh air ventilation to dilute indoor pollutants. Instead, occupants in the enclosed surroundings are subjected to a concentrated dose of airborne contaminants with every breath they take. Whole house air cleaners installed inside your HVAC duct system treat the entire volume of air circulating through your home, while portable models can be moved from room to room to treat individual spaces.

Here are three health and comfort benefits of home air cleaners:

Particle Reduction

Airborne particulates include dust, dirt, pet dander, synthetic fibers and other tiny particles that may cause allergic responses or irritation in susceptible individuals. These particles are stirred up into the air and circulated from room to room. The enhanced filtration of an air cleaner removes particles down to a smaller size than the typical passive filter installed in your ductwork. This ensures a healthier, hypo-allergenic environment.

Microorganism Control

The contents of indoor air frequently includes living microscopic organisms, including mold spores, pollen and bacteria. Passive filters may capture these pathogens, but filtration alone doesn’t kill them. In fact, a dirty air filter is actually an effective breeding ground for mold and bacteria, spreading contamination even wider throughout the home. Whole house cleaners frequently include a UV (ultraviolet) light array that exposes air flow to the germicidal effects of UV wavelengths, actually neutralizing mold, bacteria and viruses instead of merely capturing them.

Easier Housekeeping

High levels of airborne particulates inside a tightly sealed home also make housekeeping more problematic as these particles compose common household dust. Dusting can be a losing battle as particulates continuously settle out of the air onto surfaces. Effective filtration removes dust more efficiently while it’s still airborne, preserves indoor decor and makes dusting and other housekeeping tasks more effective.

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