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Trust Apollo Home for all of your smart thermostat and home automation installation and repairs. We offer Nest products to help your indoor air health.

Smart Thermostat Services in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

As heating and cooling experts, we at Apollo Home are fanatics about new technologies to improve energy efficiency, air quality health and temperature regulation.

Apollo Home is excited to present Nest Thermostat technology with our customers. As a smart thermostat, the Nest takes more accurate temperature readings and communicates them to your HVAC system more thoroughly. It also possesses the ability to “learn” your household rhythms and respond with appropriate temperature adjustments as necessary.

Nest thermostats are WiFi-enabled, which means you can connect with them from any WiFi device, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. You may program various settings and change them while at work or on vacation. Nest estimates the average savings on air conditioning is 15% and heating is 10-12%, so most Nest users recoup the purchase price in less than two years!

Want to program your settings to for a higher temp while in Florida to save on air conditioning costs? What happens if your return flight is delayed? You can adjust your settings so the AC doesn’t kick on until closer to your actual arrival time, so you’re not air conditioning the house when no one’s home.

Using Nest’s Cool to Dry feature, Nest will monitor the amount of humidity in your home and adjust your air conditioning if the level of humidity rises above 65%.

If you want to learn more about the Nest Thermostat – call us! We’re happy to share our expertise with you. If you decide to join the Nest revolution, our qualified, licensed and NATE-certified technicians will arrive on time, install your new thermostat and explain to you how to use it. We want you to get the most out of this amazing technology!

Apollo Home has been servicing the Greater Cincinnati area since 1910. Let us assist you today!

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