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cincinnati indoor air quality services from Apollo Homecincinnati indoor air quality services from Apollo Home

Trusted Home Air Quality Services in Cincinnati, OH

Indoor air quality might be one of the last things you think about inside your house. When you get home from a long day at work, it’s time to relax on the couch and breathe easy. But you might not want to breathe in too deep. The air inside your house may contain unseen pollutants, allergens, dust, viruses and pet hair – all of which you and your family may be breathing into your lungs every second you’re at home.

At Apollo Home, our dedicated technicians believe in providing friendly IAQ service, helpful advice and useful air quality products to make your home’s air healthier.


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What Is the State of Indoor Air Quality in Cincinnati, Ohio?

According to last year’s “State of the Air” report results, Cincinnati ranked #20 in the “Most Polluted Cities by Year-Round Particle Pollution” category. This year, Apollo Home wants to help Cincinnati residents change their environmental ranking and improve indoor air quality using their central heating and air units. Try these indoor air quality tips with your central heating and air system to enjoy clean, healthier home air this year.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Your central heating and air unit works consistently throughout the year to keep you and your family comfortable each day. Maintenance ensures your unit is free of excess dirt, pollen, debris and dust. When a central heating and air unit works continuously without being properly cleaned, it suffers from the buildup of particles and reduces the unit’s efficiency to heat and cool your home.

Just like giving your car a checkup and changing the oil, tuning up your central heating and air unit is just as critical. The increased indoor air pollutants in your home can escape filtration and circulate throughout your home via the air ducts. Once particles are in your home’s air, they float around and finally land on surfaces within each room. These pollutants reduce your indoor air quality and increase health issues for you and your family.

Control Indoor Humidity

The humidity levels in your home can contribute to unhealthy indoor air when it goes unchecked. High humidity levels breed mold, mildew and dust mites, which can be trapped inside your central heating and air unit and pass through the ductwork and into the air in your home. Low humidity levels encourage bacteria and viruses to take hold in your home, causing more sickness during the colder months.

Whole house humidifiers and dehumidifiers work with your current central heating and air system to maintain ideal humidity levels in your home year-round. A humidifier adds moisture to the air when it’s too dry, and a dehumidifier does the opposite by drawing moisture out of the air before it’s circulated throughout your home. Ideal humidity levels in a home are between 30% and 50%, and maintaining those levels can be easy with a humidifier and dehumidifier.

Replace Air Filters

Your central heating and air unit needs its air filter checked monthly to ensure it doesn’t get too dirty or clogged. The filter is your first line of defense against indoor pollutants, allergens and other debris circulating throughout your heating and cooling system and into your indoor air. If you notice the filter is clogged or dirty, replace it to ensure healthy air is pumped through your unit on a daily basis. It’s recommended to be replace air filters once every few months to keep your system operating efficiently and provide a healthy environment in your home.

Improve your indoor air quality by scheduling preventative maintenance, changing your air filter and investing in indoor air quality products. You can make a difference in Cincinnati’s air by taking steps to create a healthy environment in your home with preventative care for your central heating and air unit.

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