If you’re thinking about an HVAC system upgrade, there are three steps you should go through before upgrading a heating system. The following three-step process can help maximize your home so you’re sure to get the right size heating system for your comfort needs. 

Look for Leaks

Air leaks located throughout your home can put a strain on an HVAC system, requiring more energy than necessary. Before upgrading a heating system, take the time to walk through your home to look for cracks and holes. Air leaks are most likely to occur around windows and doors, so start with these areas. Caulk or weatherstripping can be used to fill in these holes. Reducing air leaks can reduce the system size needed, potentially saving you money on your investment.

Add Insulation

Heat can escape through the attic, basement or crawl spaces when these areas aren’t properly insulated. Poor insulation also allows cold air to seep into the walls. Ensuring that these spaces are properly insulated keeps warm air inside the home while ensuring that cold air doesn’t put a strain on your system.

Professional Energy Assessment

The final step to take before upgrading a heating system is scheduling an energy assessment. A professional HVAC technician will complete this audit using two methods:

  • General walk-throughs allow technicians to make notes of issues they detect during the assessment. Professionals will inspect the heating system during this process to determine whether efficiency issues are related to damage.
  • More in-depth assessments involve pressurizing your home to accurately pinpoint air leaks.

Whether you’ve determined you need a new heating system or you want help with the steps listed above, it’s important to contact an experienced HVAC company before upgrading a heating system. Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing has the experience and knowledge needed to help you keep your greater Cincinnati home warm all winter.

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