The old standard in home furnaces used to be the single-stage furnace, which essentially only has an on-and-off switch. When on, the unit pumps out heated air at a constant speed until it reaches its maximum capacity, and then it continues blowing air at maximum capacity. These days homeowners have a better and more efficient option for home heating systems: the variable speed furnace.

The variable part refers to the blower motor, in that a variable speed furnace will automatically adjust the speed of airflow as necessary. The technology driving the furnace allows it to recognize when to cycle off or heat at less than full power. This allows you to enjoy three key benefits of using a variable speed furnace:

  • Savings on energy – Although a variable speed unit runs more often, it uses less energy because it doesn’t need to run at full capacity all the time. These units are reliable money savers and an excellent starting point for an energy-efficient home.
  • Consistent temperatures – By adjusting airflow, the variable speed furnace ensures that your home will receive heating at a more precise and even temperature. Single-stage furnaces can make the home hot for a time and then let the air grow cold before the next run cycle starts again. The variable speed allows for longer run cycles with greater consistency.
  • Greater comfort without all the noise – With a variable speed motor, the furnace can gradually, quietly turn on and off instead of abruptly and loudly starting and stopping. While the furnace is running, it will also be less noisy overall because it won’t be running harder and louder than necessary.

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