Improving attic insulation in your home will lower the costs of keeping it comfortable year-round, since all insulation slows heat transfer. The best place to start is by exploring attic insulation services in Cincinnati to learn which type will provide the best performance, based on your attic’s structure, its usage, and your budget.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you have at least 18 inches in the attic or an R-value of 49 for this climate. The most common choices you have for achieving the optimal levels include:


Fiberglass batt insulation lends itself to a do-it-yourself project since the rolls are relatively easy to install. If you have existing fiberglass batts and they’re in good shape, place the new layer perpendicular to the old layer for the greatest protection.

Always wear protective clothing and a dust mask when handling fiberglass. It sheds tiny, sharp particles when it’s handled that are known skin and respiratory irritants.


Cellulose, or fiberglass loose-fill insulation, is another common way to insulate attics, and it’s a good choice for those that have areas or corners that are otherwise difficult to access. Installers use large blowers into which they place the insulation, and blow it into place.

Home improvement centers rent blowers, but because it’s important to distribute it carefully, it’s one of the types that you might want to use attic insulation services in Cincinnati. Cellulose is made from shredded recycled paper and treated with borates to retard fire, insect and mold growth.


The insulation value of sprayed foam coatings exceeds those of batt or loose-fill, and it’s the best option for insulating tight spaces, or if you plan to use the attic as livable space in the future. Instead of placing the insulation on the attic floor, it’s sprayed onto the underside of the roof. While it offers the greatest protection against heat transfer, it’s also the most expensive option for both the product and its installation.

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