Many homeowners can attest to the fact that hiring an HVAC professional can be difficult. The process is further complicated by the presence of so many contractors in the market. This makes it difficult to choose the most competent contractor. Listed below, are seven steps a homeowner can use in hiring a professional.

1. Experience 

There are many HVAC professionals in the market and not all have an equal level of experience in the provision of services. It can help to look at a professional’s years of experience offering these services and the number of clients the contractor has served.

2. Licensing

Every state requires a contractor to be licensed in order to be in business. He or she must provide you with a state license number so that you can verify if the license is valid and current.

3. Get referrals

A competent contractor will refer you to satisfied clients they have dealt with in the past. You must make sure that the referrals provided are reliable. The contractor should provide contact details and locations.

4. Reputation

The contractor must have built a strong reputation through the provision of quality work to the clients. Inquire from the locals more about the contractor. Ask clients if they were happy with the work done.

5. Visit the BBB

In order to have faith in your contractor, visit the Better Business Bureau to check whether the contractor has any complaints from clients. A contractor with many complaints should be avoided.

6. Fees

A good contractor will offer reasonably affordable prices for services.  Make sure the contractor gives you a written estimate.

7. Written contract

To protect yourself, everything should be put in writing, including the dates of starting and completing the project. If there is a need, the contractor should be willing to sign the estimate.

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