June is a popular month for weddings, which means many people are preparing for wedding festivities now. Choosing the right gift for the bride and groom can be tough with so many different options on their registries. However, what most new couples don’t think about is a heating and air service plan for their HVAC system after the honeymoon.

A unique and thoughtful gift is scheduled maintenance plan for the happy couple. It starts their new lives on a positive note and allows them to develop healthy maintenance habits early in their marriage. All too quickly, wedded bliss can be interrupted with unexpected and aggravating HVAC malfunctions, breakdowns and expenses.

Contact Apollo Home to discuss our heating and air service plan, the Apollo Care Plan, and help the newly married couple start their life together on solid ground.

Heating and Air Service Plan Catches Problems Early

A heating and air service plan ensures problems are caught early before they escalate into full-blown nightmare repairs. Just like any other expensive device in a home, a heating and air unit can develop problems at any time for many reasons. Routine maintenance from a heating and air service plan allows a qualified technician to inspect, test, clean and lubricate the components and controls.

The professional technicians at Apollo Home know what to look for during inspection and will explain how to fix the problem early. A heating and air system without routine care suffers more stress, causing increased wear and tear to the components inside the unit.

The additional wear and tear can lead to worn belts, broken wires, or damaged parts. Our NATE-certified technicians know the signs of wear and tear, offering solutions to prevent a malfunction in the future.

The Apollo Care Plan is unique, as it also includes an annual evaluation of a homeowner’s electrical system and an evaluation of the plumbing system. This is especially helpful for homeowners like newlyweds, who may be just starting to learn about their home mechanicals, how they work and what needs to be done to maintain them.

Apollo Home’s Apollo Care Plan also includes priority scheduling, a VIP dedicated phone number for members and no overtime charges for emergency service calls and other discounts.

Extending the Life of an HVAC Unit

A neglected heating and air unit will experience more breakdowns and cost the newlyweds more money.

Poorly maintained HVAC systems won’t last as long, forcing the couple to purchase and install a new heating and cooling unit possibly before they can realistically afford it.

By giving a heating and air service plan as a gift for their wedding, you are saving them money in the future on a new HVAC unit. Semi-annual maintenance will keep their heating and cooling system operating longer and more efficiently.

The signs of wear and tear on a unit show how often it is used, which is why our technicians at Apollo Home pay special attention when servicing an HVAC system.

Creating Healthy Indoor Air Year-Round

Another advantage of a heating and air service plan is improving the indoor air in the newlyweds’ home. While a routine tune-up and maintenance will include a filter change, the air filter should be checked by the homeowners monthly and changed or cleaned as needed, usually every one to three months, otherwise, it stops working effectively.

Different debris, dust, dirt and allergens will escape filtration when the filter is dirty or clogged. The particulates then build up inside the ductwork and circulate throughout the home via the airflow.

A clean filter promotes healthy indoor air quality and reduces mold, mildew and dust mites from forming in a home. The new couple will be healthier, with fewer doctor visits for allergy, asthma and respiratory issues. Apollo Home wants to help you give a gift to create a healthy environment for the newlyweds as their start their lives together.

Weddings are a joyous occasion with lots of celebrating and gift-giving. Make your gift count for more by purchasing a heating and air service plan with Apollo Home. The Apollo Care Plan is comprehensive and the easiest way to stay on top of maintenance for these critical home systems.

Apollo Home is prepared to be a homeowner’s whole home partner, servicing, repairing and installing equipment for heating, cooling, indoor air quality, plumbing, sewer and electrical systems. Our technicians are experienced and skilled to handle any hiccups the happy couple might encounter in their new home. Call Apollo Home today to find out more about our heating and air service plan, the Apollo Care Plan!